Sunday Funday / Atlanta Favorites

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This Sunday was SO fun! Anytime I get to spend with my boys is my favorite but this Sunday was extra special as we got to experience two Atlanta iconic fan favorites with some of our friends (if you are planning a trip to Atlanta these both need to be places you visit). 

We started off our family fun date with a trip to the Varsity for lunch. If I am completely honest I really do not care for the food at the Varsity (with the exception of the Frosted Orange, because who doesn't like a Frosted Orange?) but let's be honest...that is not why you go.  You go for the experience and because it is an Atlanta staple. Don't believe me...check out the strangers behind us eating Veggie chips (AMAZING). 

The little boy we went with is E's best friend. They are in the same class at school and his parents are some of Josh and I's best friends. 

After our trip to the Varsity we headed over to the Fox Theater to see Paw Patrol Live. These two little boys love Paw Patrol (Marshall is there favorite) and we love the Fox (such an amazing venue and so much Atlanta history) so we thought it would be a great trip to take them to their first Fox Theater performance.

We had such a great time. The little guys loved the show and the I enjoyed showing off the Fox to E for the first time.

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4th of July Recap

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Hope everyone had a great 4th! After getting to tour Quantico in DC last week and getting an expanded perspective on what the marines and others in our armed forces sacrifice for our country I have an expanded gratitude and am even more proud to be an American.

We had a wonderful time with family up at our family lake home celebrating the 4th. We even got to see a double rainbow. 

 Here are some pictures of our weekend. 
Our boat house all decorated for the 4th

boat driving on the 4th with "Dah" (what my son calls his grandfather)
ice cream eating at the drive up boat marina

beautiful double rainbow

on the way to watch the fireworks from the lake with "Uncle Dean"

fireworks from the boat are the best kind

fun at Sliding Rock in the North GA Mountains

paddle boarding with my little man

 practicing his paddle boarding

watching the fire boat spray water

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It's Not a Party Unless Someone Throws Up

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Today is our sweet boy's 3rd birthday! I can't believe it! It feels like just yesterday I was going through a horribly hard labor to bring this little boy into the world! This birthday was so much better in all ways but one...

It is always nice when your birthday falls on a weekend and you can have your party on your actual birthday. Today we celebrated E's birthday...get ready here comes the story referenced in the title of this post. Ya'll it was SO nasty. We celebrated E man's birthday at Monkey Joe's (a blow up house park for kids). After many attempts to get him to nap before his party we were totally unsuccessful and gave up. He told us, "I am too excited to sleep." Needless to say come cake and present time he was literally falling asleep at the table. The party package we purchased came with pizza, a large cup of Hawaiian punch, and cake (well my mom actually made the cake but it was still included in the sugar count). He downed the Hawaiian punch. After we were done with "party" time he went back to jump with his friends. He hadn't been on the blow up jump obstacle course five minutes when I heard him crying and when in after him. I pick him up, he is bawling and told me he got hurt. I start making my way out when he starts puking ALL OVER ME. I am not talking about a little bit. He and I were both SOAKED in puke. The chaos ensued. We weren't sure if he had a concussion which was making him puke or even if he had bumped heads with the kid he collided with, or,  if it was a total random stomach bug, or the after fact of all the sugar and bouncing. Praise God it turned out to be the tummy full of punch + bouncing right after. SO SO NASTY. Literally the first time someone has covered me in vomit and I sure hope it is the last. Good thing I love this little guy to death. All in all in was a great party and he had a blast with all his friends! 

Pre-Vomit Family Photo

I got so emotional last night about him turning 3...Somehow I blinked and the 2's are over and my sweet boy is 3! Oh how I love this precious gift God blessed our family with 3 years ago! This kid is super smart, super stubborn, and keeps us laughing all the time. His teachers think he might be a comedian when he grows up but his daddy and I think he will make a great boss, haha. Whatever he does as long as he continues to follow God I can promise you this little one will move mountains!

His favorite foods are: anything sweet, pasta, pepperoni pizza, and orange chicken

His favorite things to do are: play sports (any but really loves basketball, soccer, and golf), ride his bike, climb and do flips, swim, and build.

This little boy sings ALL the time, adores his cousins and his school friends, loves singing to Jesus and gives the best hugs and kisses! I'm so blessed to be your Mommy, E, hard labor, throw-up and all! Happy birthday - we love you so! 

To cheer up my sadness on the fact I know longer have a baby, Mommies I need your help...what is the best thing about the age 3? 

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Lake Time

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This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #JumpIntoSummer #CollectiveBias

Oh, wonderful, sweet summertime! I am in a huge season of transition (more to come on that later) due to some recent really big career changes and I have a week of vacation off this week with my little guy so of course we decided to spend the week at our happy place in the north Georgia mountains, Lake Burton.

sunset cruises.JPG

This week has been totally perfect (with the exception of only having the privilege of having my wonderful husband with us for the weekend as he had to go back to work). The weather has been awesome (complete with evening thunderstorms over the mountains) and we have gotten so much great exercise swimming, wakeboarding, tubing, hiking, etc.

water gun wars.JPG

We have had absolutely incredible sunsets cruises on our pontoon boat. Check out the photos below from our cruise the last night before my hubby had to leave.


Being around water all the time as a mom playing single parent duty for the week with a two year old is something I do not take lightly (there will be no book reading for this mommy until after the little guy is in bed or when he is napping). However, there is one lake time essential I REQUIRE my little guy to wear at all times when around the water (we keep it on at all times we are on the dock even when not in the water)- the Puddle Jumper® life jacket . If you have a little one and do not already own a Puddle Jumper® life jacket do yourself a favor, drive to Target (who doesn’t want to make a Target run?!?) and go purchase one NOW. Here I’ll make it easy for you. Here is a photo from the aisle I found it in at our Target (just ignore my kid playing with a soccer ball in the aisle). Or if you want to just buy it online here is a link.

target 2.JPG

We are HUGE Puddle Jumper® life jacket fans. So much so that I don’t go anywhere near water without one - we literally own six...and have one child. A bit oppressive maybe but they are the only floatation device I have found that actually allow him to swim (don’t put him in turtle mode like a normal life vest) and give this mommy a piece of mind all at the same time. Before our most recent journey to the lake I went to Target and purchased him a new Stearns® Puddle Jumper®  3D Life Jacket with a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles® character that he LOVES. It’s super cute and functional with woven polyester, a softer fabric for less chafing. The comfortable design also allows children 30-50 lbs. to move and swim freely in pools and lakes and at the beach, without the life jacket riding up around their necks. One of my favorite parts is that it is US Coast Guard-approved life jacket and features a fun character on the front for more fun in the water. The life jacket can also be used as a learn-to-swim aid which has worked wonderfully for our little guy. The adjustable buckle snaps in back and makes taking it on and off super simple and kid approved.


pizza float.JPG

Ok now that I have hopefully convinced you (you’re welcome) why Puddle Jumper® life jackets are so incredible it’s time for me to crack back open this book I’m reading and enjoy this view and a glass of wine (*sigh*). Peace our friends and enjoy your Target run!


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My Latest "Happy:

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As I sit here on the back porch on a much needed wonderful week of vacation with my little boy watching a gorgeous thunderstorm come over the mountain in my happy place with a lovely glass of red I thought it would be appropriate to write about just a few of the things lately that I am loving. 

1) First off can I just say this thunderstorm I am listening to.... I mean really. I had to take a video and post to my Facebook. You can check it out here
2) My smallgroup. We joined a new small group almost a year ago now (wow has it almost been that long, really?). You know how some times in life God just brings people into your life and you are like yup, "these are my people." That's totally how I feel about these people. Here is a photo of us all on a cabin trip back in February. 

We most recently completed an Andy Stanley study about how God does not always answer our prayers with a "yes" but he will give us the peace we need to get through (cue why does cancer exist/why do good things happen to bad people, etc). Case in point is God didn't even answer Jesus' prayers when Jesus prayed to God to take "this cup from him" talking about the night before Jesus was betrayed, beaten,humiliated, and ultimately crucified. Anyway all that to say I feel like God has granted me a lot of peace lately in some pretty stressful situations and for that I am so very grateful. 

3) In the last couple of weeks three of my best friends have had babies - and I have gotten to hold and cuddle two of them (dying to meet the other but she lives in Baltimore). Something about holding a baby is just the most wonderful thing ever. Am I right or am I right?

4) I am loving soaking up the last couple of weeks of having a two year old. He is so smart, so strong willed, yet so sweet and keeps me laughing ALL. THE. TIME. Plus we are making progress on the potty training this week (praise hands). I love getting to spend quality time with him and just enjoy being a mom to this wonderful precious guy. 

5) My beautiful brother and sister in law are making me an aunt again to a precious little girl and I couldn't be more excited!

Well it's time to cuddle up and watch some TV. Night everyone! 

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