Checklist of Baby Clothes Essentials + Giveaway

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This post is sponsored by Carter’s; however, all thoughts and opinions expressed are my own.
One of my favorite parts of being a mom is getting to dress your little one in adorable baby clothes. It is honestly like having a live baby doll. Every since our little guy was born we have made Carter's our go-to shopping location for baby and now toddler essentials. Not only does Carter's have adorable, fashionable baby clothes (and a baby boy section that is just as big as the baby girl clothes which I so appreciate) but Carter's offers high quality and very affordable and durable items. 

Want proof? One of the main reasons Carter's is our go to clothing store for baby clothes is because they are some of the only clothes that last after the day in the life of a two year old little boy. Trust me if they can last after a little boy had a full day of school and then cheered on his local football team (and may or may not have played in the dirt) they are durable and deserve to be praised! All the clothes on our little guy below were purchased at Carter's. 

Carter's is hands down my favorite baby store to shop at whether you shop online or go to a store near you.  Carter's also makes shopping in store very baby and toddler friendly by having toys for your little one to play with while you shop. Thanks, Carter's! Here are some photos of my little shopping buddy and I during our most recent Carter's shopping trip.

"I think we should buy this shirt, Mom!"

The great news is that Carter's almost always has a coupon to save you even more money. Be sure to use the below current coupon when shopping to save some extra money.

Upon my most recent trip to Carter's I was able to pick up all of the pictured items below for only $50. I made sure to snag some Halloween and Thanksgiving Bodysuits while there because I mean, come on "Gobble 'Til you Wobble." ;) 


If you are a soon to be Mommy or Daddy and are wondering what you really need for your bundle of joy I have put together a checklist of some of the baby clothes essentials for new parents below.

Checklist for Baby Clothes

1. Several Original Bodysuits; Carter's is the creator of the Original Bodysuit - this is the one staple item that you can't have enough of during the first phase of life - in fact we still have several that my toddler wears. They are great because they are so incredibly versatile! I'm serious if you only buy one thing make it the Original Bodysuit. 

2. Several pairs of pants - I would recommend some jeans and cargo pants and some sweat pants or "comfy" pants as my toddler likes to call them

3. A couple jackets and/or sweatshirts 

4. A couple t-shirts

5. Several button down shirts or Bodysuits for special occasions 

6. Lots of bibs - perfect for spit up, food, and drool I always made sure to keep a couple bibs on hand on at all time

7. At least seven pairs of PJs - because trust me - they will be dirty and you will need at least a week's worth so you aren't forced to do laundry more than once a week (here is a picture of the newest PJ set we picked up for E at Carter's).

8. Shoes, thankfully Carter's also has adorable shoes (my toddler found some he was so excited to buy)

9. A pair of sunglasses; we purchased the one's at the top of this post at Carter's during our shopping trip 

10. Several pair of socks from Carter's 

Be sure to participate in the Pin Baby Pin contest which runs until 9/26. After the 26th 75 people will be randomly selected to each win a $50 Carter's gift card. To enter, participants must upload their favorite Carter's baby's first look look at this link
Happy Shopping and Good Luck! 

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This weekend the most exciting thing happened...

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This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #Pottytraintogether #CollectiveBias

This weekend the most exciting thing little just turned two year old (in June) told me he needed to go potty and went pee-pee in the potty! Just like that it was that easy thanks to Pull-Ups with Mickey's on them. If you aren't a mom yet or haven't yet gotten to this stage in parenthood I totally understand why you are rolling your eyes and clicking the 'x' to stop reading this post. But if you have been there or want to soon be there you totally understand my excitement. 

Honestly I only did three simple things. So today I want to share my two simple secrets with you. I realize I may be very fortunate and that not every child may be as easy as mine (and trust me we aren't fully potty trained yet but we are getting closer every day as he has now gone potty over 10 times in last couple of days) but I truly think these few tips will help any child. I do want to encourage you guys and tell you that my son is a squirrel in that he is always on the go and could care less about sitting down. He loves games and doesn't care a lot about details. All that being said thanks to Pull-Ups and creating a fun potty spot he loves to go potty. 

1. I found these Pull-Ups that looked pretty neat at Walmart called Pull-Ups® Cool & Learn® Training Pants. I really liked them because this new Pull-Up design has a cooling sensation when your little one goes to the bathroom and thus gives your little one a reason to want to be changed. I also loved that it had easy open and re-seal sides. I purchased some last week and decided to give them on a try Saturday morning. Not even 15 minutes after putting one on my little guy told me he needed to go potty and went and sat on his potty and actually went. Note: he had already gone (maybe just a little?) in his Pull-Ups because I could feel it was cold. 

2.  I created an organized, fun potty spot for my toddler. It was easy and cost effective. Really all I purchased (in addition to the Pull-Ups Cool & Learn) was this neat potty I found at Walmart. My little guy helped pick it out in his favorite color (blue). We put it right next to the big potty to help him understand the concept. I hung a few pieces of his favorite art work above the potty which he LOVED. I also put a basket nearby that houses an extra Pull-Up and a few of his favorite books. Thanks to the Pull-Up he will go in to his special "potty spot" take off his own Pull-Up, sit down, and look at his books. We make a really big deal of it and are sure to tell him what a big boy he is.

3. This brings me to my last tip. We ask him a lot if he needs to go to the potty a lot and if he says yes we ask him if he wants to sit on the big boy potty but we never make him. If he says "no" that is totally fine with us. But when he does choose to we make it special (which honestly ever sense we created the special potty spot he has never said no) and if he goes we reward with lots of praise and a special sticker. We also let him flush the toilet when we put his "potty" in the toilet. 

I am seriously SO excited. You guys I never thought it could be this easy. But don't take it from me. Use this $2 off 1 package of Pull-Ups (or GoodNites) at Walmart 8/28-10/8 to find out for yourself how simple this process can be and learn more about Pull-Ups Cool & Learn available at Walmart. 

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Stories of "E"

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I am long overdo to catch you up on round 3 of "stories with E." This post is all about my fun, adventurous 2 year old and the funny thing he says and does. 

-He has the order confused on 'ready, set, go' so whenever he is about to race or do something he wants everyone to watch he says, "set, ready, go"

-He sings "rain, rain go away" (just those four words) over and over a thousand times a day; he can also sing Jesus loves me, happy birthday, ABC, and row your boat

-he LOVES blueberries and loves picking them at my dad's blueberry farm as well

-We are from the south and live in the south and in the south so that means we teach our kids to say "no sir and yes sir" and "no mam and yes mam," well little guy has learned that is what we say but hasn't learned the difference in gender so every adult who asks him something the answer is "yes sir or no sir"

-He is a fish in the pool. 

-We go to the lake frequently and both my husband and I wake board. Little guy is usually on the boat when we do and little did I know he has been big time paying attention. He has started taking his toy train that has a string to pull it around by and using that as his 'wakeboarding rope.' He says watch me Mommy and grabs the rope and comes up with his feet in a wakeboarding position. He even "jumps the wake," too funny

-He loves Star Wars thanks to his older cousins and uncle. He loves to have sword fights with his light sabors 

-He drives his Little Tykes car around and puts mulch in the gas pump for "gas"

-He loves to go fishing and sometimes catches fish, he was REALLY excited this past weekend to catch "a worm," it was his bait

I truly am loving and trying my best to appreciate every stage. Sometimes I miss having a baby but I am loving this stage and all the times he says "I love you, Mommy" and "want a kiss, Mommy." Time you can slow down just a bit. 

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That Time Our Drink Got Spiked...

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I can not even believe I have been married to this incredible man for five years! In some ways it has flown by but in other ways it feels we have been together forever. I can't imagine life without him. We had shared so many wonderful and also bittersweet memories together over our past 5 years of marriage and I can't wait to see what the future holds for us!  

He seriously makes my heart flutter even more now than he did 10 years ago when I first said "yes" to dating him exclusively. We had the opportunity to spend a few days together last week in Jamaica to celebrate our anniversary and you guys, it truly felt like a second honeymoon. We were asked numerous times if we were honeymooners and completely took it as a compliment when we responded "no" and were told that onlookers couldn't tell because we looked so in love. Case in point below. ;)

We stayed at the Couples Swept Away in Negril and had a blast. The water and beach could not have been prettier! We took full advantage of all the activities included in this all-inclusive and had a lot of fun. Although we did decide we are Sandals snobs and the Couples experience didn't fully live up to the experience we had at Sandals in St. Lucia. The biggest difference was the level of service at Couples compared to Sandals. Hard to say if that was a cultural difference but there was very little to no entertainment at Couples and the food and drinks also didn't quite compare to Sandals. All that being said we still had a great time. 

The Couples resort included a few extra included excursions that Sandals didn't include and we really enjoyed the included Catamaran and glass bottom boat ride. We did both of those excursions twice a piece.

I will say that although we are glad to say we have seen Jamaica, and it is very beautiful, we did decide it, unlike St. Lucia, is not a place we need to go back to. The poverty was extreme and you couldn't lay on the beach without someone coming up to you every five or less minutes trying to sell you something (typically pot as it is legal in Jamaica). We also had a negative experience with theft at the resort and we think someone slipped something in our drinks during the Catamaran boat ride. 

All that being said hanging out with my cutie drinking out of coconuts for a few days was just what we both needed to relax, recharge, and reconnect. 

Truly blessed God gave me this guy to do life with!  
Now where to go for the 10 year celebration?! 

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How to deal with sensitive skin and still enjoy summer

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This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #FreeToBe #CollectiveBias

My sweet little boy suffers from EXTREME eczema. We realized this early on as when he was only a month old he broke out in a dry rash all over his body. It was awful. Fast forward two plus years and I have learned that his eczema flairs up much worse in the summer. The first two summers we spent trying to figure out how he we could still get outside and enjoy the summer without him being in pain later from red, itchy skin. Now on our third summer I have discovered some tips and tricks that I would love to share with you all for any of your little ones suffering from sensitiveness skin. 

1. Dress appropriately.
If you have been following my blog for any amount of time you guys know we love to be outside. Whether we are at the lake, pool, beach, hiking, or just playing in the backyard we spend all the time we can outdoors. What I realized is whenever I would put sunscreen on our little guy he his eczema would get SO much worse. I have sense learned to apply sunscreen only when completely necessary and instead try to cover him in long sleeves when outdoors. They make awesome SPF proof long sleeve shirts that we wear all the time and SPF shorts as well. That paired with a hat greatly limits the amount of sunscreen we have to apply. 

2. The kind of sunscreen you wear matters.
Take it from me...I have tried every sunscreen on the market on my little guy and honestly the best luck I have found are the products that are made for sensitive skin. 

3. We ONLY use All Free Clear detergent. 
We made the mistake early of trying to use a different brand of detergent and our poor little guy broke out for weeks. Now we wash ALL our laundry (including dish rags, towels, etc. because yes he touches these too) with only all® Free Clear. Honestly I recommend this brand above any of the "baby detergents" you can find in the baby section. This brand is the #1 recommended detergent by dermatologists, allergists, and pediatricians and helps our family live free of skin allergens and sensitive skin worries. all® Free Clear was also awarded the Seal of Acceptance by the National Eczema Association for having no dyes, perfumes, certain chemicals, and irritating residues. You can find all® Free Clear at your local grocery store or shopping store. I most recently purchased mine at Kroger. 

4. Be sure to wash all new clothes before wearing them.
Another mistake I made early on was to put an outfit I had purchased on the little guy or me before washing it. I have learned not to do this. I now be sure to wash all my new clothes with all® Free Clear detergent and often, their dryer sheets, before wearing it. Even though my husband or I don't have sensitive skin we still need to wash all our clothes first so the fabric doesn't rub off on "E" while we are holding him causing him to break out.

5. Get out and have fun. 
Now that I have shared my tips and tricks don't be afraid to get out and play. HAVE FUN! Another great thing about all® Free Clear is that it is great at fighting stains and brightening colors. I never have to worry when we are outside getting dirty because I feel confident that all® Free Clear will do the trick. 

If you anyone in your family suffers from sensitive skin I encourage you to make the switch to all® Free Clear and join the all® Free Clear community to connect with parents just like you! 

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