Welcome to the Good Life

By 8:16 PM

Hello Everyone! 

Being newly married, living in a new place, and starting a new career, I thought I would start a blog about my experiences and adventures. I will begin by focusing on all the things I wish I would have known before beginning these new endeavours and go from there. My hopes are that this blog will serve as a place for others to find ideas, tips, photos, and sugggestions related to weddings, newly wed life, beginning a career, and first homes.

I plan to focus on writing articles that suggest ideas for inexpensive and fun dates, along with ideas for decorating, eating and having fun without spending much money, because, if you are a newly-wed like me, the chances are you do not have a lot of disposable income. 

So follow, read along, and hopefully I will bring you a laugh, idea, or insight!

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  1. I love reading your posts and looking forward to reading more!