Christmas Card Displays

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One of the questions I think we all wonder is what to do with all the Christmas cards our family receives each year?

This year I came up with a cute, easy solution to this question. I simply tacked up a piece of ribbon to the inside of my kitchen cabinets and used clothes pins to hang the cards. That way I get to look at them everyday while I cook and guests to my home can also easily see them.

However, when researching neat ideas for Christmas cards I found a few other really clever ideas...

A friend of mine told me she saves all the pictures from the Christmas cards and puts them in a photo book. Her daughter loves to flip through the book from the year before and see how the people in the photos have changed. What a cool idea! This is something I plan to copy!

What do you do with the Christmas cards your family receives? Save them...chunk them at the end of season?

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  1. a friend of ours takes one card down per year and throws it out (sad) but now before praying for that family with her kids (happy/awesome!)