Paradise on Earth

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No Pressure. No Problem.

These are the words you will hear again and again from the locals on the wonderful island of St. Lucia.

The most wonderful place I have ever visited and a top rated honeymooning and vacationing destination, St. Lucia has something for everyone!

Although we stayed at the Sandals Grande resort (which I would highly recommend) there are many wonderful resorts on the island that all offer a beautiful view and wonderful activities. However, if you choose to stay at a Sandals, all your food, drinks, and activities are included! Unique to the island of St. Lucia Sandals offers a deal where you can stay at 1 play at 3...there is a free shuttle that runs back and forth from the resorts making it oober convenient to hop on and catch a ride to another resort so you can try dinner at a different restaurant or snorkel new waters.

Many have asked me what is so wonderful about St. Lucia. WOW! What isn't? For starters:
1) The views....insane, gorgeous, turquoise waters, mountains, and reforests all in one island
2) The Simon Says Tour! This is a must do if you visit St. Lucia. For a fairly reasonable price this all day tour will take you by speed boat around the island (stopping to show you the yacht club among other things). You will then start off your all day adventure by snorkeling in some beautiful waters at the resort where one of the episodes of the Bachelor was filmed. Then you will travel to the city of Castries where you will meet up with Simon and get a first hand tour of the city. Then you will visit a waterfall where you will take a mineral bath in water that makes you look years younger. After that you will travel to a volcano where you can take a volcanic sun bath and then sit in volcanic rock. (It makes your skin feel so soft!) Then you will travel to Simon's personal home where his wife makes dinner for all the tourists who take the tour everyday. The food tastes delicious and is authentic to the island. Finally Simon takes you shopping at a local spot before loading you back on the speed boats to the resort.
The City of Castries (above)
The snorkeling location (above)
3) The drinks! Our favorite were the Dirty Banana and the No Pressure, No Problem drinks
4) The snorkeling...the waters are gorgeous and you are sure to see lots of cool creatures and things...the best news? NO SHARKS! I know...I couldn't believe it. But really several locals told us they had never seen or heard of a shark near the island in years.The picture below is of me holding a sea urchin while snorkeling.
5)The pools and royal treatment..beautiful and lots of them at the Sandals resorts. We met one local girl (Claire) who was working at our resort that we feel in love with..she was the nicest person I had ever met. She was so nice and that when we asked her where we could find a copy of their local music she went all the way in to town (during her day off) and purchased a CD for us which she gave us the next day. Not only that...she insisted we not pay her for it and ensured us it was her gift to us. This brings me to the next thing that is sooo great about St. Lucia....

6) The MUSIC! Music unlike anything you have ever's incredible!

As you can see I highly recommend St. Lucia! I would love to answer any questions you may have if you are considering going. It was a dream honeymoon and a trip we hope to take again sometime.

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