10 Dates Under $10

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If you are a newly wed like me chances are you are on a budget and do not have a lot of money to spend on fancy restaurants and movies.

Well...whoever said date nights have to be expensive???  I have come up with 10 dates for less than $10 a date. There is a date for every type of couple...from the creative pair to the sporty couple. So use my suggestions and go have a date night with your man!

1. Hiking. Pack a comfortable pair of sneakers, two water bottles, and a picnic ...find a trail and spend the afternoon or evening hiking to the top where you can sit and enjoy each others company while enjoy some great food! 

2. Have a spa night right in your own home! Pour your favorite bubbles in the tub, break out the bubbly, and make a toast! Then take turns pampering each other. Just don't get too relaxed...falling asleep really kills the mood!

3. Check your local paper or your county website for free concerts. There are a lot more than you would expect (for example The Band Perry just gave a free concert at a park close to me). For shows in the park pack a picnic so you can dance and dine in the same place!

4. Attend a fair. The hubs and I actually just did this back in October. It was an inexpensive way to have an entire day and night full of fun together! Remember you do not have to spend money on rides to have fun at a fair. Our favorite part was actually walking around and seeing all the animals and attending all the shows that were including in our $4 admmission price.

5. Volunteer. Doing good together can be a ton of fun! For example, volunteering at an animal shelter if you both love animals or volunteering at a thrift store where you can laugh over old trends.

6. Go to a local high school football game. Have fun remembering that you too were once that age.

7. Have a picnic in your living room. Spread a blanket down and have some finger foods with candles and romantic music. This one can be great if you have kids because it means you do not have to get a babysitter.

8. Play mini golf. It's usually no more than $5 a game and you get to have carefree fun and act young again. 

9. Go yard selling. It will be a fun interesting way to spend your morning together and you will have lots of interesting things to talk about!

10. See a movie at your local dollar theater. If you do not have one nearby it may be worth driving for. Dollar theaters offer movies that have been out a month or two for the low price of $1. This is one of our personal favorite date nights. The best part is if the movie is great you really feel like you got a great deal but if the movie isn't so hot you don't feel like you wasted a ton of money.

Bonus: looking for an overnight get away under $10? I've got one that will only cost you the amount of gas and picnic foods. Go camping! You'll be supporting conservation of wildlife and it's great fun!

::There are some great campsites in between Ellijay, GA and Blue Ridge, GA that are totally free! We went this past fall with some friends and had a blast! The sites are on a creek and there is a waterfall that you can hike to. They also have fire pits and tent pads at the campsites. The sites are very secluded so perfect for a romantic get away! Also, there is a drive-in movie theater in Blue Ridge that is a ton of fun and very affordable. You can easily drive there from your campsite. If you are interested in more information feel free to leave me a comment::

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