The First Dance

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The infamous first dance. The moment when time stops and all eyes are on you.

As the bride this is probably the first and only chance you will get all night where you can simply stop and focus solely on your husband and the commitment you made to each other.

HOWEVER...(I cannot emphasis this enough)! If you want this moment to be enjoyable rather and stressful, and, well, just plain awkward...I would highly recommend taking dance lessons together prior to your wedding.

We were so glad we did! Not only will it save you some embarrassment (let's face one likes to stand there and watch you hang on to your man for a solid 3 might as well entertain your guests with some "sweet moves") but you will also be proud to watch your wedding dance again and again on your wedding DVD.

Another plus. Even though my then fiance complained prior to our first dance lesson, the dance lessons ended up being our very favorite part of planning our wedding. We not only looked forward to the lessons but lovedddd the time we spent together practicing what we had learned. And a third plus. One of our "things" we do each month as a couple is re-dance our wedding dance together. This serves several purposes: 1) It ensures we remember our dance so we can break it out at the next wedding (or in case we have get the inkling to participate in dancing with the starts...assuming we ever become stars)...but more importantly 2) It is an instant reminder of our wedding and those special moments together. It is amazing how one dance and song can take you right back to a specific moment in time.

If you are worried about costs dance lessons do not have to break the bank. Shop around. I contacted 7 different people before I found someone within our budget. Three two hour lessons (along with lots and lots of at home practice) was enough for us to learn a chorographed dance that matched the song we had picked out.

So...have fun and get to dancing! You won't reget it!

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