Ringing in the New Year

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Welcome 2012!

Why I loved 2011:
1. I got MARRIED to the love of my life! 
2. I graduated from the best university in the south (possibly the world) ;) GO DAWGS!
3. I started my career with a wonderful company
4. I got to go on one of the best vacations I had ever been on to St. Lucia
5. I got to see every single one of my best friends and family members this year! (Even those who live overseas)! 

Yup...it was a pretty great year! 
Although I know 2011 may be hard to beat I still have high hopes for 2012...at least we rung it in right by heading to underground Atlanta and watching the peach drop. It was quite an experience. Although the crowds were crazyyy (my husband must have mentioned he was about to take someone out at least a 100 times) it is an experience I would highly recommend trying if you are anywhere near the ATL area. Just be ready to be pushed around... A LOT!

However, upon doing some research there are some cities with even crazier/cooler (you take your pick) traditions than a peach dropping. These New Year's Eve destinations just might be worth visiting some day. For example:
  • The city of Lebanon drops a 150 lb. real bologna, a testament to the town's unique type of cured ham
  • Over in Dillsburg, Pennsylvania, a pregnant 8-foot Mrs. Pickle is dropped at midnight - apparently she married Mr. Pickle in a ceremony this June (you gotta google a picture of this one...talk about crazy!)
  • Hartley's potato chips, a local favorite, are dropped from a fire truck in Lewistown, Pennsylvania
  • Mobile, Alabama welcomes the New Year with the world's largest Moon Pie, raised (rather than dropped) to light up the city's skyline at the stroke of midnight. The giant electronic Moon Pie weighs 600 pounds and features well over 1,000 lights. 
What kind of crazy New Year traditions do you participate in? Have you seen or heard of any other crazy midnight 'drops' not mentioned in this post?

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  1. You forgot about Munich, Germany-- Where random people launch fireworks from street corners, from medians, from sidewalks, out apartment windows, in the subway stations... It all would be quite illegal in the States..