Trials and Tribulations (the 1st 6 months)

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We have officially been married 6 months, 1 day. I'll be the first to tell you... Married life is GREAT! Even despite all our freak medical issues since the big day. We have had so many that I have had a handful of people tell me that I must document them on my blog. goes!

1. We had barely made it home from our honeymoon when my sweet husband managed to rip his finger tip almost all the way off. Yup, that's right. His finger tip was literally hanging by a thread to the remainder of his hand. And how'd he manage to do that you might ask?! Helping my uncle move a big rock at my grandmother's house. That's right...we had gone over to my grandmother's for a nice dinner and family visit. I was still in the car getting all my stuff together that I was bringing inside to my grandmother's when my uncle comes running back up the hill exclaiming that we need to go to the emergency room asap. I am actually making this ordeal sound a lot less a deal that it actually was. That began our 4.5 month recovery efforts to get Josh's hand back to a somewhat normal state. What followed was what seemed like a thousand follow-up and recovery trips to the hospital & wound care, several missed weeks of work, a few tears, and many pain pills.  His finger has somewhat just started to begin to recover (not that it will ever look like a totally normal finger again) despite the fact that he still screams in pain if he fingers gets bumped by someone or something.

2. During Josh's finger ordeal I somehow manage to hurt my foot which caused me to throw my knee out of alignment. Yeah- I know. Ridiculous right? Although this may not sound like a big deal, and really wasn't compared to the finger issue we were still dealing with at the time, it was very painful and quite the hassle. I was hobbling on crutches everywhere...which is a royal pain in the you-know-what. Especially when I work on the 4th floor of my office building and have to park a long way from the entrance.

3. This brings me to episode #3 which just happened 3 weekends ago. Josh and I had travelled with some friends to Pigeon Forge for a fun day out. One of our friends insisted on us leaving north GA at 4:15AM in order to make it up to the Smokey Mountain Parkway before the sunrise. (We did not make because we ended up getting stuck behind a Walmart 18-wheeler but that's another story). When we finally made it to the top of the mountain at the overlook around 9am we all decided to get out and take a look at the gorgeous view. It had snowed the night before the thus the roads were very slippery. We all got out of the truck and walked over to the overlook to take a picture. However, before we had the chance Josh, my injury bound hubby who really needs to be put in a padded room and left there, slipped and had a rock go up his knee to his bone. Me on the other hand, not realizing Josh was hurt and that we were about to be frantically making our way down the mountain headed for ER visit #2 for our six months of marriage, insisted on Josh and I getting not 1, not 2, but 3 pictures together at the top of the mountain. (It is at this point that he decides he should tell me his jeans are soaked in blood). I don't think either of us realized how bad it was until he limped back to the truck and we ripped his jeans off and could see the hole in his knee. Wow. That was our reaction...along with our friends. Here's the funny part...we did not know our way to the nearest hospital or have anything to stop his bleeding so I stopped a passing park ranger (who was obviously a newbie and seemed unsure of what to do with the entire situation) who ended up patching Josh up until we could get to the hospital. The ER visit consisted of a lot of gore as the doctor stuck his finger all the way through the hole down under Josh's knee. (He even commented that we were going to owe him for liposuction as he took out some fat cells from the Josh has fat in his knee?!?) It was not exactly the way we planned on spending the weekend but all in all he was OK. Two weeks later I watched as he cut his own stitches out of his knee with my toe nail cutter. What a man! (But really after the finger experience this was nothing). This brings me to the fourth and final episode of our strange twisted medical issues.

4. While working out in personal training last week I somehow fractured the bone in my RIGHT hand. So now I can't write, can't cut food, can't stir a pot, can't straighten my get the idea. Hopefully this ends up being the less extreme of our episodes but it is definitely worthy of documenting.

The crazy part of this all??? Neither of us was ever accident prone as a child (or, prior to marriage, for that matter)!

Tada! The finished product from stiches episode #3!

pulling in to the ER

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