Feel the Love this Valentine’s Day

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With Valentine’s Day less than a week away all us love birds are getting excited! Here is a list of the top three ways to get cupid flying around your love this week.
1.    Do something unexpected for your Valentine.

Suggestion: Know your Valentine is working out at the gym? Write him (or her) a love note and leave it on his window so when he comes out to his car he finds it. Another idea? Leave post-it notes all around the house with reasons why you love him.

2.    Have your very own romantic evening at home. Warning, this takes some pre-work but, it is very worth it.

Suggestion: Create a personal playlist of all “our” songs and have it playing in the background. Set up a trail of flowers from the front door to the bedroom. Light lots of candles. Then treat your Valentine to a spa night right in your own home. Pour your favorite bubbles in the tub, break out the bubbly, light some candles, and make a toast to being in love!  

3.    Send flowers to your Valentine.

Suggestion: Send them to their place of work/school. Who doesn’t like to show off to their friends how amazing their Valentine is? If you really want to go over the top write a poem or type out lyrics to a song that reminds you of that person and attachment it to the flowers with a note that ends love your valentine.

Weigh in: Have another idea on a way to get cupid flying this week? Leave a comment with your suggestion.

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