Locked in my own bedroom

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The above picture? That would be our bedroom door. Notice anything strange about it? Yup...it is missing a doorknob. That's because I made my sweet husband take it off after getting locked in our bedroom last week. That's right...locked in the bedroom.

Here's the story: so the doorknob has been broken from the inside of the bedroom for a few weeks at this point. (Another words when you go to turn the handle the part that is supposed to twist the doorknob and allow the door to open DOES NOT work). Because of this we had been being extra careful to make sure the door was not ever shut completely. Until the other day when my husband left for work...he "cracked" the door closed like he always does as to not wake me up while he bangs around in the kitchen. Fifteen minutes later, when it was time for me to get up and get ready for work, I noticed that the door was fully shut. "Great," I thought to myself. However, I decided to not worry about it until after I had taken a shower thinking that I would be able to get it open. Forty-five minutes later (after a good 30 mins of trying to get the stupid door open) I call my husband about in tears. "I CAN'T GET OUT OF OUR BEDROOM!" I very told him trying to hold back the tears panic. "I am beginning to panic!" He's response was about as I expected. "What do you want me to do about it?" I really wasn't sure since he was already at work over an hour away from our house. "Try to credit card the door," he told me. I tried. No luck. I weighed my options...I could climb out the back window but it was pouring outside and I would have no way to get back in the house since all the doors were locked and my keys were in the kitchen. The only option? Continue getting ready...that's when I realized my makeup and hair straightener were in the kitchen. I sat down the bed and turned the TV on trying to stop my border line claustrophobia from approaching any closer.

Then my hero called. He said his parents were on the way over to rescue me. Sure enough several minutes later my mother-in-law calls making sure it was ok if they came now. "Um, yes...I'm just sitting here on my bed with puffy hair and no makeup trying not to panic. But whenever would be great!" A little time later my in-laws show up my mother-in-law comes in and the door knob turns open easily and perfectly from the living room side. I can feel the relief swelling through my body. After making her try the door from the other side (just to prove I wasn't crazy), and giving her a hug of thanks, in walks my father-in-law crow bar and tool chest in hand. Apparently he thought getting me out of my room was going to be a little harder than it turned out being. So there you are...the story of how I was locked in my own bedroom.

Moral of the story: Hm...not entirely sure? When your doorknob breaks immediately buy a new one? Live close to your in-laws and make sure they have a key so you have someone to rescue you? Oh well. I'm free now!

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