Holiday Advice for Newly Weds

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Being a newly wed is a demanding job. From combining finances to learning to live with someone from the opposite sex to accepting (& being accepted) by your in-laws and new family////newly weds sure do have a lot on their plate!

To top it all off every newly wed must figure out how to spend their first holiday together (without insulting family from either side) a task that can be a lot tougher than you may think!

With that in mind I have decided to give you (through our experience) the top ways to get through the holiday craziness and still enjoy it!

#1-Don't host the holiday meal your first year of marriage! Too stressful!
#2-Make your own traditions! This is extremely important!
#3-Enjoy time together as a couple! Take the time to relax and grow closer together as a couple.
#4-Establish an equal split of time between families. This will keep both mommas a lot happier.
#5-Go Christmas shopping together as a couple. It really bonds you.
#6-Spend Christmas night together...just the two of you as a couple. This is the perfect time for the two of you to enjoy each other and exchange gifts in private.

our plan: for Christmas this year we decided to spend all of Christmas Eve morning and afternoon with his parents doing gifts and eating and celebrating the holiday together. Then Christmas Eve evening we went to church with my parents followed by Christmas morning and afternoon at their house doing presents and food and celebrations with them. Then late Christmas afternoon we went back to his grandmother's house where we spent Christmas evening with his extended family. THEN, finally, we went back to our home and spent Christmas night together as a couple, exchanging gifts and enjoying each other's company. Although it may sound a little hectic it worked great for us.

Here's to hoping next year's Christmas is as great as our first Christmas as a married couple.

Do you have special holiday traditions you have made since you got married? How do you split the time between both families? We'd love to hear. Comment below.

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