Women Propose on Leap Day: The Long Tradition

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It's Leap Day. This means that there are 366 days this year instead of the normal 365. (It also means one of my friends who should be 24 is turning 6 today).

After listening about a girl proposing to her boyfriend on the radio this morning on my way to work, I began thinking about the interesting tradition that comes with Leap Day where women are “given the chance” to propose to their man.
Tradition says that on Leap Day a lady may pop the question, but if her love does not say YES, he must give her a gift in return such as a pair of gloves or a sum of money. (So let me make sure I understand this fully…my heart was just broken by the man I love and I am supposed to accept a pair of gloves or a sum of money as a “sorry I do not want to marry you” condolence? I do not know about the rest of you ladies but unless this sum of money is nearing the millions I do not think it is going to make me feel much better!)

Thoughts: Even with all the strides towards equality that women have made in the past hundred years it is still fairly uncommon for a woman to propose to a man. I would love to get my readers thoughts on the day that breaks this tradition. Do you know of any girls who have proposed on Leap Day? Fellas would you be happy if your girl proposed? Girls would you regret proposing or be thankful for the opportunity? Share your stories in the comments section below!! :-)

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