Crestfield Etsy Store Review

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This posting is the seventh in a series of posts about my favorite Etsy stores.

Another nifty (yes I did just use that word...don't judge) Etsy store is Crestfield!

Crestfield's slogan is that they "manhandle materials into submission"

So was I...
First left me show off what I got from this store:

(Just a little salute to the Alma Mater...)

Drew Patterson, the store owner, is originally from Asheville and graduated from ASU. Professionally he's a graphic designer and owns Patterson Design. Drew is married with two teenagers and enjoys camping in his RV and trout fishing up in the mountains.

His wife of 20 years has her own home furnishings business and Drew began to fill his spare time with constructive projects that he could sell in her shop. If you look at his site you'll see some of those efforts. About two years ago when a rental store space opened up he jumped at the opportunity to show off his goods. This past summer, together with his wife (cute, right?), they began selling plaques with copies of dog images and wine labels on them. Drew figured he could expand to design other images and went to the Library of Congress site and saw playbills from the 30's and 40's. This is how he decided to start making plaques for imaginary dart tournaments, billiard exhibitions, etc. Then he hit on the team idea and it all grew from there. In February he got found by and they picked him up with a sweet licensing deal. The worldwide roll out from Artehouse is scheduled for the first of June.Another cool fact? 
Drew also has a line of furniture coming out called Ratchet Creek Furnishings. He designed the furniture to collapse for shipping. 

Drew sells the below plagues at his Etsy store, also. They would make such a great wedding gift!


Great News:
Drew is offering my readers a 10% discount!
Just use this code: MarriedFiling 

Make sure you also check out his Etsy store page and leave a comment letting me know what your favorite item is that is for sale:

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Honeysuckle Road Etsy Store Review and Giveaway

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This posting is the sixth in a series of posts about my favorite Etsy stores.

Another really cool Etsy store is Honeysuckle Road!

Honeysuckle Road offers beautiful, hand made metal jewelry.

I got this really neat bracelet from them:

(I love that it says "you are my sunshine")

 Deonne Korrow, the store owner, is a girl from my own heart...a fellow Georgia girl! She currently resides in Savannah with her husband (who is in the military) and goofy yet sweet dog, Marlie. Deonne has always had a creative side and fell in love with metal stamping. Deonne is especially moved by words and has many quotes she loves! Wondering what her favorite is? It is the following quote by Gandhi, "Be the change you want to see in the world!"

Deonne says, "being such a huge fan of quotes, I loved that I could stamp anything that was meaningful and special to me onto something such as a necklace, bracelet, pocket token, or keychain and save it myself or as a gift for someone else." 

Deonne actually started her Etsy store a couple of years ago while her husband was deployed. At that time they lived several hours away from their family and most of their close friends and Deonne wanted something to keep herself busy (especially her thoughts as I know we all would). She worked as a Counselor in the community but loved having the creative outlet that metal stamping provided. After some serious think time, she decided to open up shop on Etsy & Honeysuckle Road was born. She has been on Etsy almost two years and says that she can honestly still say she loves what she is doing!

"I truly enjoy stamping & love when I'm able to make something that's meaningful for the person who is buying it whether it's for themselves or as a gift for their someone special," she says.

Wondering how the store got its adorable name?
It was actually named after the road Deonne grew up on & where her parents still live.

Here are some pictures of some of my other favorite pieces Deonne has made:

(in case you can't tell it says, "may the odds be ever in your favor" from the Hunger Games which I think is AWESOME)

(how adorable!)

('s every mom's favorite!)

Great News:
Honeysuckle Road is offering a 10% discount for my readers!
Just use this code: MFJ10

Make sure you also check out her Etsy store page:

Now for the super exciting news!

Honeysuckle Road is offering a giveaway on my blog for her "live what you love" bracelet!

Be sure to enter to win below and check out her Etsy page while you are at it!
Please support her ya'll. This girl is awesome!

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Charming Initials Review and Giveaway

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This posting is the fifth in a series of posts about my favorite Etsy stores.

Another really cool Etsy store is Charming Initials!

Charming Initials offers beautiful, handcrafted personalized jewelry.

I got this really cool, really unique necklace from them:
(You may not be able to tell from the picture but it has a pearl and a disc that has our wedding date on it)

It's so gorgeous and unique (in case you haven't noticed by now, I really like unique products: in other words, not the same necklace that everyone has because they all bought it at the Gap)! The first day I wore it to work I had several comments on how cool it is! I totally agree. I also really liked how the necklace came packaged in cute little round container with a complimentary polish pad!  

Blair, the store owner and mother of 2 young boys, went to art school and has found making personalized jewelry to be soothing to her soul. Blair enjoys designing and making everyday jewelry and finds it an added bonus that she is able to make custom pieces for people to cherish with special engravings such as their loved ones names or a special date. She has made many "mommy" pieces but also makes other pieces for endearment as well. Blair told me, when describing her work, that she likes to think of it as a celebration of life. In the jewelry that Blair designs women often have their children's names, hand prints, drawings and other important dates and places stamped on their jewelry. Blair takes pride in her many return customers and hopes to make many more customers in the years to come!

Blair says, "I enjoy creating all kinds of things and really feel that it is good for my soul. I hope you enjoy my shop. I would LOVE to make something special just for YOU!

Here are some pictures of some of my favorite custom pieces Blair has made:

Great News:
Charming Initials is offering a 10% discount for my readers!
Just use this code: MFJ10

For updates on sales and new items check out her facebook page:

Make sure you also check out her Etsy store page:

Now for the super exciting news!

Charming Initials is offering a giveaway on my blog for any necklace with one disc!

Be sure to enter to win below and check out her facebook page and etsy page while you are at it! Also, check out her personalized jewerly for mom and grandmom for Mother's Day! We all know how they like their personalized stuff!

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Want to save money in college? Rent textbooks!

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The beginning of the semester is the time every college student dreads...

Let me assure you... it is NOT due to students regaining their independence as they adjust back into the college lifestyle.

Why is this such a dreaded time then?!? It's because the price of buying textbooks has become outrageous! A typical college student can spend $200-$300 for a textbook that is only used to study for the final...unforunately you HAVE to have the textbook because 60% of the final exam (that just so happens to be worth 75% of your final grade) depends on this textbook (Yeah...I know...these textbook companies really suck you in). So you buy the textbook, use it for the one exam, then try to sell it back only to find out that during the semester a new edition came out and your book is now only worth a lousy fifty cents....seriously how many times does this happen? It's quite ridiculous/not right.

Well...worry no more! I have your solution! Rent your textbook! Renting provides the perfect alternative to wasting all that money on textbooks. By renting your textbook you can save up to 90%! No lie. (This will leave you with plenty of money to make that spring break trip you have been wanting to go on).

Concerns? I get that. I had them to before I rented my first textbook. My biggest concern? Not being able to highlight my notes in the text. Yes...I admit it...I am a HUGE fan of the highlighter. I highlight every important fact and then go back re-read my highlighted notes. So I was stoked when I found out that many textbook rentals allow you to highlight in the textbook you rent!

More good news about textbook rentals:
  • Free shipping both ways!
  • 30 days risk free returns (this means that, unlike if you buy a book where you generally have a week to return, if you find out you actually will not be needing the book for the class you can just return it and you aren't out any money! Sweet deal right?)
  • Trusted source since 2007
  • They offer live customer support
Does it sound to good to be true? Fortunately that isn't the case! This deal really is that awesome. Save money. Get good grades. Yes, please. 

So what are you waiting on? Start renting your textbooks today!

I'm participating in a bloggers campaign sponsored by Cyber Connect Bloggers Network and was compensated for this post. However the opinions expressed are mine.

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Flushy, Trashy, Sinky Review and Giveaway

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Flushy,Trashy, Sinky...I  know I's a funny name for a product right? But it is very descriptive of what it does! So what does it do? 
logo of Natural House

Flushy, Trashy, and Sinky are professional-strength cleaning products that are safe to use in your own home. You see, they use plant-based ingredients which are not only eco-friendly, but also non-toxic and bio-degradable. This way you get the best of both products that are both Professional strength AND safe to use!

Natural House products differ from other natural household cleaning products because they use a non-toxic and eco-friendly cleaning method of probiotics that creates a odor eating ecosystem to naturally drive out and digest odors at their source.

Check out the video below for a great explanation on how these products work!

Flushy Probiotic Cleaning packet is a powerful toilet bowl cleaner plus a drain and septic treatment all in one. Flushy removes stains, hard water rings, and rust streaks in your toilet. Just toss a Flushy probiotic packet into your toilet bowl and wait 5-10 seconds before you start scrubbing with a scrub brush. Once you're done scrubbing, just flush! It took less then 2 minutes!


The next Natural House Product I tried was Sinky. A Sinky Probiotic Cleaning packet will help promote a healthy drain line by breaking down grease and leftover food to help prevent clogs and slow drains. Sinky also keeps dangerous food borne pathogens out of your sink!

To use Sinky, all you have to do is a toss a pack into your drain and run hot water for 5-10 seconds. If you have a garbage disposal, you just turn it on for 1-3 seconds. It's really that simple! Stand back and watch Sinky's foaming action go to work!

Last but not least, I used Trashy from Natural House. Trashy Probiotic Cleaning removes odors at their source and leaves a nice, fresh wintergreen scent. Simply spray into your trash can or pail and let it air dry or wipe out bottom of trash can prior to putting in a bag.

Overall, I am pleased with these products and the results they produced!
Make sure to like Natural House on Facebook and follow them on Twitter!

Buy it!
You can purchase Natural House products from their website or on Amazon. A 30 day supply of either Flushy, Trashy and Sinky can be bought for only $4.99 each!  

Win it!
Natural House is generously offering one of my readers a 30 day supply of Flushy, Trashy, and Sinky to try! This Giveaway is open to US residents, 18 and older. Giveaway ends April 15th!

I used Trashy in my kitchen and had great results. This product can be used in any trash can..indoors or out! How perfect would it be for a diaper pail? This was actually my favorite of the products as it covered my nasty trash smell. (I found with this product that a little bit goes a long way!)

I'm once again using Rafflecopter for this contest. Once the winner is chosen using a random number generator, they will need to supply me with their mailing information. That information will be forwarded to Tomoson and Natural House, who will then send your prize.

Good Luck!

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Summer Weddings: DOs and DONTs

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Planning a summer wedding? Follow my advice of DOs and DONTs for those brides, like me, who plan on having a summer wedding to ensure your celebration goes off without a hitch.

Trust me these are things you will want to know! (I can say that being the crazy girl who got married on one of the hottest days of the year, July 30th, in Georgia.)

Do provide relief from the heat. No matter how much you think you might love the sun, your guests will probably want a few ways to escape the heat. If you are having your wedding in an outdoor venue (like I did) make sure you have some option for guests that offers shade or air-conditioning (you can rent portable air-conditioning systems-which is what we ended up doing from my tent company). Provide guests with cold water and something to fan themselves with during the ceremony. Once the dancing begins place water in close proximity to the action. One of the best things we did was to place a huge fan pointed right at the dance floor.

Do serve lighter food. Heavy food and heat don't mix. Choose a seasonal menu that includes grilled entrees and fresh produce. Grilled fruit skewers make tempting appetizer. Popsicles (use the sticks that catch drips) can be festive touches too.
Do consider stay-cool attire. A bride should feel comfortable and confident -- not sticky. For your wedding dress, choose a light fabric that breathes, such as silk. The best advice I can give you?!? WEAR YOUR HAIR ALL UP! Between the heat, humidity, and your awesome dancing moves, you will not regret it.
Don't time your outdoor wedding to begin midday. With the sun at its strongest, overheated guests won't be in a party mood. It can be hard to get folks to enjoy your wedding or want to dance when they're baking. Shoot for an early evening start time. The ideal plan: Schedule the reception for beginning at sunset then work the rest of the event around that timing.
Don't overlook sun and bug protection. Feel a basket or tub for guests that includes sunblock wipes and buy spray and place it near the ceremony site.

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