Crestfield Etsy Store Review

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This posting is the seventh in a series of posts about my favorite Etsy stores.

Another nifty (yes I did just use that word...don't judge) Etsy store is Crestfield!

Crestfield's slogan is that they "manhandle materials into submission"

So was I...
First left me show off what I got from this store:

(Just a little salute to the Alma Mater...)

Drew Patterson, the store owner, is originally from Asheville and graduated from ASU. Professionally he's a graphic designer and owns Patterson Design. Drew is married with two teenagers and enjoys camping in his RV and trout fishing up in the mountains.

His wife of 20 years has her own home furnishings business and Drew began to fill his spare time with constructive projects that he could sell in her shop. If you look at his site you'll see some of those efforts. About two years ago when a rental store space opened up he jumped at the opportunity to show off his goods. This past summer, together with his wife (cute, right?), they began selling plaques with copies of dog images and wine labels on them. Drew figured he could expand to design other images and went to the Library of Congress site and saw playbills from the 30's and 40's. This is how he decided to start making plaques for imaginary dart tournaments, billiard exhibitions, etc. Then he hit on the team idea and it all grew from there. In February he got found by and they picked him up with a sweet licensing deal. The worldwide roll out from Artehouse is scheduled for the first of June.Another cool fact? 
Drew also has a line of furniture coming out called Ratchet Creek Furnishings. He designed the furniture to collapse for shipping. 

Drew sells the below plagues at his Etsy store, also. They would make such a great wedding gift!


Great News:
Drew is offering my readers a 10% discount!
Just use this code: MarriedFiling 

Make sure you also check out his Etsy store page and leave a comment letting me know what your favorite item is that is for sale:

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