Summer Weddings: DOs and DONTs

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Planning a summer wedding? Follow my advice of DOs and DONTs for those brides, like me, who plan on having a summer wedding to ensure your celebration goes off without a hitch.

Trust me these are things you will want to know! (I can say that being the crazy girl who got married on one of the hottest days of the year, July 30th, in Georgia.)

Do provide relief from the heat. No matter how much you think you might love the sun, your guests will probably want a few ways to escape the heat. If you are having your wedding in an outdoor venue (like I did) make sure you have some option for guests that offers shade or air-conditioning (you can rent portable air-conditioning systems-which is what we ended up doing from my tent company). Provide guests with cold water and something to fan themselves with during the ceremony. Once the dancing begins place water in close proximity to the action. One of the best things we did was to place a huge fan pointed right at the dance floor.

Do serve lighter food. Heavy food and heat don't mix. Choose a seasonal menu that includes grilled entrees and fresh produce. Grilled fruit skewers make tempting appetizer. Popsicles (use the sticks that catch drips) can be festive touches too.
Do consider stay-cool attire. A bride should feel comfortable and confident -- not sticky. For your wedding dress, choose a light fabric that breathes, such as silk. The best advice I can give you?!? WEAR YOUR HAIR ALL UP! Between the heat, humidity, and your awesome dancing moves, you will not regret it.
Don't time your outdoor wedding to begin midday. With the sun at its strongest, overheated guests won't be in a party mood. It can be hard to get folks to enjoy your wedding or want to dance when they're baking. Shoot for an early evening start time. The ideal plan: Schedule the reception for beginning at sunset then work the rest of the event around that timing.
Don't overlook sun and bug protection. Feel a basket or tub for guests that includes sunblock wipes and buy spray and place it near the ceremony site.

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