Want to save money in college? Rent textbooks!

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The beginning of the semester is the time every college student dreads...

Let me assure you... it is NOT due to students regaining their independence as they adjust back into the college lifestyle.

Why is this such a dreaded time then?!? It's because the price of buying textbooks has become outrageous! A typical college student can spend $200-$300 for a textbook that is only used to study for the final...unforunately you HAVE to have the textbook because 60% of the final exam (that just so happens to be worth 75% of your final grade) depends on this textbook (Yeah...I know...these textbook companies really suck you in). So you buy the textbook, use it for the one exam, then try to sell it back only to find out that during the semester a new edition came out and your book is now only worth a lousy fifty cents....seriously how many times does this happen? It's quite ridiculous/not right.

Well...worry no more! I have your solution! Rent your textbook! Renting provides the perfect alternative to wasting all that money on textbooks. By renting your textbook you can save up to 90%! No lie. (This will leave you with plenty of money to make that spring break trip you have been wanting to go on).

Concerns? I get that. I had them to before I rented my first textbook. My biggest concern? Not being able to highlight my notes in the text. Yes...I admit it...I am a HUGE fan of the highlighter. I highlight every important fact and then go back re-read my highlighted notes. So I was stoked when I found out that many textbook rentals allow you to highlight in the textbook you rent!

More good news about textbook rentals:
  • Free shipping both ways!
  • 30 days risk free returns (this means that, unlike if you buy a book where you generally have a week to return, if you find out you actually will not be needing the book for the class you can just return it and you aren't out any money! Sweet deal right?)
  • Trusted source since 2007
  • They offer live customer support
Does it sound to good to be true? Fortunately that isn't the case! This deal really is that awesome. Save money. Get good grades. Yes, please. 

So what are you waiting on? Start renting your textbooks today!

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