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Because of the beach, work, and just life being busy in general I am just now getting the chance to post my yard sale findings from two weeks ago. In my opinion there are not many feelings in life that are more exciting than knowing/believing/thinking you got a great deal on something you really need/want. It is for this reason that I LOVE yard sales (this is coming from the girl who also loves scavenger hunts and treasure hunts so really I am combining my two favorite things)! It is also for this reason that I tell myself that even if when I become a millionaire I will continue my yard sale hunts.

On that note, since my poor husband had to work Saturday (he was extra bummed since he too enjoys the thrill of the hunt), my mom, grandmother and I had made plans to spend the morning hunting for treasures. I spent the night at my mom's house so we would be prepared for an extra early start. I woke up at 6am and proceeded to wake up my mom. By 7am we were ready to drive to my g-ma's house and pick her up and start our hunt! There was only one problem. On the way to get my g-ma it started pouring. My mom and I were debating what to do and happened to stop in front of a garage sale sign. My mom suggested we just check out this sale since it was raining anyway.

We pulled up to the house but there was only one car in the drive and there was no one and more importantly, no stuff outside. The house looked closed up and we figured they had decided not to have the sale due to the rain. Just as we were about to pull away an old man came walking out of the house and told us the sale was inside. He was another customer and came out empty handed. Sketch. We looked at each other and decided "heck" let's try it. We walked in the house drenched and looking like scared, wet cats. A man in his thirties was inside and said welcome and told us everything in the house was for sale. The house was still fully set up the way the family was living in it with pictures of the kids around and all. Nothing was priced. We decided to access the situation as quickly as possible. We both spotted a nice patio set out back and asked if it was for sell. "Sure," the man replied. How much? How about $40? Deal. The end tables? Sure I'll sell them. How much? $30 for both. We were liking the way this was going. How about this cute nick-knack decorative piece on the table. Yeah, I'll sell you that. How much? Hm...how about $10? We picked the nick-knack up to check it out and found a Kirkland's price tag on the bottom of it with an original price tag of $10. We all laughed. Ok you name the price the guy told us.

Turns out the guy had been married before and had two kids but was getting remarried to someone else who also had two kids and they were combining families and houses. The new wife did not want any of the old wife's stuff (as you can imagine) so they decided to have a sale in their house and see what they could rid of....anything that didn't sell they planned to pack up and take with them. Also turns out that this happened to be one of the best sales we had ever been to. We called my poor grandmother who was still waiting on us to pick her up and told her she must get over here and quick! A few minutes later she arrived and experienced the same wet and awkward entry as my mom and I. Two hours later our truck was loaded and the owner and his soon to be wife had heavy pockets.

Here are some pictures of the what I got:

$10, looks great in our hallway and is perfect for umbrellas, rain coats, etc.

same item just a different picture (the "T" is from this previous post)

$0.75, books a quarter a piece

$5, probably could have gotten it for less but I was super excited because I had been wanting a star

And my most exciting purchase:

$15, rocking chair and free pillows...it is an antique. I googled it and it is worth at least $200

here is a picture of the rocking chair, pillows, and star in our house...ignore the old school TV

I didn't think to take pictures of what my mom and grandmother got but they came out with even more than I did. All in all it was a successful rainy day of shopping one sale. 

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  1. Wow that is amazing. I will have to go to yard sale more often. I need find anything that great. Thank you so much for sharing your blog. I really enjoyed the article. I will definitely follow you. Have a great Friday!


  2. Thank you Cynthia! You should go to a yard sale tomorrow! They are so much fun! I hope have a wonderful Friday as well!

  3. found you at the Bright Green Door blog...love your finds!

    1. Thanks, Cheryl! It was as great day of treasure hunting :)

  4. Nice work on the rocking chair. It could be so versatile and probably has such a history! Thanks for linking up to the "Go Get Your Garage Sale On" Linky Party! http://www.brightgreendoor.com/2013/07/go-get-your-garage-sale-on-garage-sale.html


    1. Thanks, Jessica! The rocking chair was one of my favorite finds!