Little Jar of Hearts Etsy Store Review

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This posting is the ninth in a series of posts about my favorite Etsy stores. 

A really great Etsy store to get handmade jewelry and gifts from is Little Jar of Hearts.

I got this really cool anchor bracelet from her which I have worn almost every day since I received it. 

Little Jar of Hearts is owned and run by Kyri. Kyri is a fairly young jeweler who is currently working on finishing up her Bachelors degree in Entrepreneurship and Fine Art with a concentration in Jewelry and Metalsmithing (now that's a go girl)! From digging through her Grandmother's jewelry boxes, to collecting miscellaneous shells and rocks she refers to as 'gems,' she has had a passion (some may even call it an obsession...but in a good way of course) with jewelry and all things that glitter since she was a little girl.

Kyri told me, "The moment I found out how to make a bracelet NOT from stretchy string and uncooked noodles, I became obsessed! And of course, the moment I caught wind of Etsy, I fell in love."  

Kyri first started her Etsy shop in 2010 as a hobby and some place to put all her creations. She was not really expecting anyone to necessarily purchase anything but just wanted to have a digital and electronic inventory of all her pretties. When her first sale did come, she was ecstatic! Kryi says that although it seems like a life time ago that she opened her Etsy store, she is still finding out there is a lot to learn. 

"I've found over the almost 2 years my shop has been running, that most of my customers are people who appreciate the craftsmanship of a handmade item at an affordable price-- and quick, free shipping! With my new Summer Bracelet line, sales have sky rocketed within the last few months."

At over 200 sales, Kyri told me she still gets giddy when someone makes a purchase! Her favorite part of running Little Jar of Hearts is when she receives custom orders. From bridal parties, to sorority girls, book clubs, and best friends, she loves hearing their stories and creating something super special for them all to have. 

What is the next big milestone for someone so young and successful?

"I think the next big step or milestone for me would be actually seeing my jewelry on a stranger-- now that would be incredible! To know that about 200 people over the span of the U.S., Canada, and parts of Germany have something handmade by me that they treasure in one way or another, warms my heart! Through the busy festivals and vendor events, to the endless nights with tender and cut fingers, I wouldn't have picked another interest. I can't ever see myself at a point in life where handcrafting jewelry isn't present."

Some of my other favorite pieces she sells are below:

(This one is currently on sale! OH YEAH!)

Be sure to check out her Etsy store and view the many other gorgeous products she has to offer and check back often because she is always adding new products :

Great News:
Kyri is offering my readers 20% off!
Just use this code: MFJ20
It will be valid until June 30th!

Be sure to follow her on Facebook below:

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