Vacation for 2

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Well we finally got to take our much needed vacation. Just the hubby and me. It was wonderful

 (I took the above picture our first night at the beach)

For those of you who read my previous post we did not end up renting via VRBO but instead rented a condo from a family friend. Perfect fix. The hubs especially appreciated the fact that the condo was on a golf course since golf has become his number two obsession (luckily I'm still the glad lucky I married this guy). 

We have been back home and in the "real world" for 6 days, 20 hours and I just want to say that it is officially 6 days and 20 hours too long. It's amazing how the waves, sand, and an entire week of doing nothing but enjoying each others company and basking in our love can take you to a "whole new world" (sorry....couldn't resit throwing out a quote from one of my favorite Disney movies). 

We vacationed in Destin, FL which is for one, BEAUTIFUL, and two, the home of one of my roommates from college and her husband.  Her husband is in the Airforce and they recently bought a house down in Navarre Beach so they are really living in the place that everyone else vacations. (The green envy guy was/is flaring). Seriously though it was great to see them and they even let us try out their new paddle boards which was a ton of fun. 

Another important fact to mention was the amount of marine life we saw while down there. I have grown up vacationing in Destin and have never before seen this much...We saw lots of dolphins (many up close.... Just see the pictures below), TONS of sharks (yes I know...scary...there were even rumors there was a six foot hammerhead the day before we got there swimming right near the beach), MANY sting rays, and LOADS of jellys (even the man-of-war kind). It goes without saying that we did not get in the ocean much. 

Highlights of the trip? 
Taking picnic dinners to the bay and watching the sunset. Taking night walks on the beach. Watching the adorable kid who thought he was best friends with us and kept us entertained during the day on the beach. Watching cartoons while drinking Starbucks under a big sheet movie theater type thing at Harbor Walk. Eating seafood (this goes without saying). Watching "The Lucky One" at the movies (although it was no where near as good as "The Vow"). Spending 7 nights and 8 days with the love of my life. 

 Above: paddle boarding on the bay    Below: Eating at the Back Porch

 Above: Dolphins     Below: Jelly Fish

 Above: another dolphin   Below: the umbrella we had to buy because we got super burnt

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