$10.90 And A House

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Saturday morning my husband and I spent a "day date" hunting or "picking," as my husband likes to refer to it, yard sales. Although there were not very many, the hubs and I decided to hit up those sales nearby us for the fun of it and ended up having pretty good luck. My husband has decided that he IS America's next top picker and had a good time employing the techniques that are used on the American Picker show he loves to watch. For me it provided a good laugh (although I have to admit I was impressed with his new found skills!)

Altogether we spent $11. I have been desperately wanting to read The Hunger Games. So when I saw two of the books in the serious behind a desk at one of the sales I had to ask if they were for sale. They weren't. However, after telling the girl (who was a fellow UGA alum so obviously awesome) that I had been desperately wanting to read them she happily sold them to me for $0.50 a piece. I was ecstatic. Hey, it's the little things in life right?

Two Hunger Game books: $1 total
(not sure why the picture is side ways)

Anyway there they are! The only bad news? I didn't realize until after I had bought them that I now own the first and the last book in the series so I am going to need to do some searching for the middle book/books. Anyone have them? I am already half way through the first and it's awesome so I may not have much time. Any-who on to our other finds:

Triffle dish that I was super stoked over: $1 (I was willing to pay at least $5 so I was very happy)

Scarrryyy.... but a good date movie: $1

Caterpillar toy for our nephews (they were siked): $1

Pyrex Brownie Size Pan (I had been needing one): $0.50

Although not pictured we also got two shirts. A men's Nike golf polo that fits Josh like a charm for $1 and a Banana Republic blouse that I can wear to work for me for $0.50.

And our big, exciting find of the day?

This was the find that "kept on giving." A Ping Golf Bag in near perfect condition. They were asking $10 for it but of course Josh talked them down to $5. Once he brought it home and cleaned it up, he opened a pocket and found $0.10. So technically it only cost us $4.90. He opened another pocket and found a bunch of really nice Nike balls worth about $20. He opened another pocket and found a brand new golf glove which fit him like a charm with a price tag still on it of $12.99. Finally he unzipped the last pocket to find a IZOD pullover. He looks great in it. All in all we made money off of this bag. Here he is with all his findings from his bag:

He's a happy camper golfer!

Then to make the day even better, we came upon an awesome foreclosure in an area we LOVE on the way home. This just might be our new home but more on that later...here's a preview pic of the house:

What about you guys? Anyone have any awesome yard sale finds this weekend? I'd love to hear about it!

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  1. You found some great treasures! I especially like that triffle bowl!


  2. Good finds and beautiful home! Good luck and thanks for the comment on my post. :)