The Day that Changed Life as We Know It

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My family (well technically it is my grandparents but we all claim it) have had a cabin (I am making sure to clarify it as a cabin since it really IS a cabin and not one of the mansions we are now surrounded by) on a lake in the north GA mountains since before I was born. Actually my dad helped my grandfather and uncle build the cabin when he was just a teen dating my mom. The first day I visited our home sweet cabin I was just a few days old.

As you can see this cabin is very special to is a place we treasure as a family and also a place full of wonderful memories!

 Here's our dock
Wondering what the thing is on the right? It was a trolley that my grandfather had built to take you up and down the mountain hill so you didn't have to climb. Hello disney world meets lake house.

Then, last year on April 27, 2011, a tornado with winds up to 165mph hit the lake devastating both our cove and one other. 145 homes on the lake were damaged or destroyed and one fatality was reported.

Unfortunately ours was one of the worst. Here are some pictures from a few days after the tornado.

The above picture is our beloved dock..yes the same dock from the picture shown above. The below pictures are the remainder of our cabin. Notice all the insolation in the trees. You will also notice my brother and his friends made sure to tack up flags on both the dock and the house. God Bless America.

Welcome to our Nightmare.

We are now re-building. It will still never be the same. The memories made in our old home sweet cabin will have to forever stay within our hearts. It will be years before the trees and plants grow back and it will be a long time before we can again boat in our lake without the worry of running over a piece of house.

On the brighter side we are excited to start new memories and can't wait for our new home to be complete. That being said the exterior is up! Here is our progress so far:

I can't wait to go see it this weekend! Will keep you updated on progress.

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  1. That's so devastating, I'm glad that you finally started to build a new one.. I hope the memories you'll have there would be as wonderful as your old cabin.

    By the way, i just followed you, I hope I get a follow back..= )

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  2. That is so devastating and I am a couple of hours south of there. Looks like the new home will be beautiful. I need a link or button to the party at the bottom of your post. Thanks for sharing at Wow.

    You will also get a lot more comments if you turn off word verification.

  3. What an awful thing to have happen, but thankfully no one in your family was injured. Small comfort, but things (even things built up over a lifetime) can be replaced; our loved ones and our precious memories cannot. Rebuilding is an affirmation, and when the new lake house is complete, you can create a beautiful gallery wall of memories of the original cabin and the times spent there.

  4. Tornadoes certainly are destructive. I'm so sorry your family's cabin was destroyed, but wow! The new one sure looks grand, and you will have plenty of new memories to make there. So glad no one was harmed.

  5. Thanks for all the well wishes. We are very thankful no one was harmed! That's for sure.

  6. I didn't read far enough! Sorry about the destruction of your family cabin.

  7. At some point in our life, I will visit this cabin and see Lake Burton!