Can you believe it?

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Well, our first wedding anniversary is this weekend! Crazy, huh? We aren't sure what we are going to do to celebrate yet...stay tuned!

As I think back on our first year of marriage I am overwhelmed with gratitude to God for putting Josh in my life. I can honestly say I have the world's best husband! I love that man SO much. He is so sweet, so kind, so much fun, such a great provider, and my best friend. Alright, alright enough gooey-ness. 

Since our anniversary is on my mind I thought it would be fun to reminisce on top 3 highs and lows of the past year of marriage. No holding back. If nothing else it will serve to be a placeholder so we can always remember our first year of marriage. Alright here goes nothing...

1. Hands down highest of high? Our honeymoon to Sandals St. Lucia. Traveling overseas and spending quality time experiencing a culture and lifestyle we had never experienced before was the Not to mention it was our first alone vacation. See all about it here.
2. Experiencing all the "firsts" together. i.e. getting our first Christmas tree, first married Valentine's Day (oh-la-la), decorating our first home, first dinner guests, first time attending a wedding after we were married (this is a really cool feeling by the way) etc.
3. We were just talking about this next one the other day. Love the fact that once your married the expectation is that you are always together. On the other hand, when you are dating someone, your friends and family get annoyed if you are always together. Then, just like that, you put a ring on your finger, say some vows, and BA-BOOM. It is expected you are always with your significant other. Sort of a cool phenomena.

1. Josh tearing his finger tip off within our first year of marriage while at my grandmother's house and being on drugs for the next two months...he was sorta nuts, sorta in a lot of pain, and it was sorta/kinda/def the lowest of lows from the past year.
2. Josh falling and splitting his knee open while on a weekend getaway with our friends. You can read more about it here. Noticing an kind of trend? It may now make sense to you while some followers have referred to him in comments as the injury king.
3. Figuring out how married life is going to work...where you spend holidays, who does what household chores, etc, etc. Really this wasn't a low...more of a: we figured it out and now have a system that sorta works. On a side note I found out at Christmas this year that it is really strange the first time you sleep with your spouse in the your childhood bedroom in the bed you grew up in...just strange.

Altogether it has been a wonderful year. Marriage is amazing and I am beyond blessed. 
Love you babe! Here's to 99 more!

And because I know pictures make a post a lot more fun here's some pictures of the box Josh HANDMADE me for a past 'dating' anniversary gift. I love it and think its appropriate I use it to store old roses he gave me from when we were first dating. 

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Win a Sentry Electronic Fire Safe

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My Husband, The Barter King

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Hello everyone. This would be my husband. The barter king.

See that 4-wheeler he is on? That would be his new toy he traded for last night. That's right. He traded some random stuff he had around our house for a Yamaha Warrior 350 4-wheeler.

It all started when he watched an episode of the new show on A&E called "Barter Kings." After watching the episode he was determined he could and would trade "up" as they refer to on the show until he got a boat. Step one to this endeavour was accomplished last night when he brought home his first trade "up" a perfect condition racing 4-wheeler.

Only problem? Those of you who have been following me for awhile now (and have read my previous post here) know that the sweet guy you see above has been accident prone ever since we got married. Let's pray that he does not injure himself before his next trade!

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Romantic Day Date

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I think the most romantic 'day date' I've ever been on is a picnic in the park on a gorgeous day with my love. Picture this: gorgeous weather, a blanket, a picnic basket, and a bottle of champagne. Very affordable and very romantic!

One of my favorite memories with my now husband was when we had only been dating just six months. It was the summer after our senior year of high school and we were about to be starting college. Yes-we were young and in love. We decided to take a picnic to Grant Park in Atlanta. We laid out a blanket and spent all afternoon enjoying each other's company. It was seriously one of the most romantic, wonderful dates of my life. And even better news? It didn't cost very much.

We love picnicking so much that mom actually gave my husband an awesome picnic basket for his birthday. It even came with plastic wine glasses, silverware, and plates! We love it and use it frequently! Want to know where you can find awesome picnic baskets like the one we own?

Picnic World offers some really awesome ones at some really reasonable prices! They also offer wine bags...these are pretty cool. They even have ones that look like cute, designer purses. I may just have to get me one of these! Check this one out:

What about you guys? Do you like to picnic? Any suggestions for great picnic spots?

This post is brought to you by your friends at Picnic World.

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DIY Cake Stand

By 12:26 PM
My sweet, adorable nephew turned 1 this past week and my sister made this awesome cake stand to put cupcakes on for his party. It was such a neat idea I had to share!

She went to Goodwill and bought an old brass chandler for $8. She then spray painted the chandler along with some wood plaques and attached them all to the chandler.  Ta da. Done. Looks awesome doesn't it?

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The Packing Nightmare

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What. A. Nightmare.

With just a few short weeks left in the home we have been renting the past year we have begun the dreaded activity of packing up all our belongings. I am simply amazed by all the "stuff" we have accumulated in one year of marriage. 

On a more uplifting note we put our first ever offer in on a home on Monday. It is a gorgeous home complete with a huge kitchen, large master bedroom/bathroom (plus three other bedrooms), jetted tub, and large backyard. We are really hoping we get it but the odds may not be in our favor (ignore the Hunger Games reference...I just finished reading the first book and it is on my mind) because the home was under foreclosure and was just listed on the market last Friday. We put our offer in Monday (as in the first day you could put an offer in since it was listed on Friday and the other two days were a weekend). Problem is at least four other offers were also put in on Monday so it is a "highest and best" scenario. No counters. So we'll see. In the meantime we wait. I am so anxious to find out whether or not we are home owners!

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