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Well, our first wedding anniversary is this weekend! Crazy, huh? We aren't sure what we are going to do to celebrate yet...stay tuned!

As I think back on our first year of marriage I am overwhelmed with gratitude to God for putting Josh in my life. I can honestly say I have the world's best husband! I love that man SO much. He is so sweet, so kind, so much fun, such a great provider, and my best friend. Alright, alright enough gooey-ness. 

Since our anniversary is on my mind I thought it would be fun to reminisce on top 3 highs and lows of the past year of marriage. No holding back. If nothing else it will serve to be a placeholder so we can always remember our first year of marriage. Alright here goes nothing...

1. Hands down highest of high? Our honeymoon to Sandals St. Lucia. Traveling overseas and spending quality time experiencing a culture and lifestyle we had never experienced before was the Not to mention it was our first alone vacation. See all about it here.
2. Experiencing all the "firsts" together. i.e. getting our first Christmas tree, first married Valentine's Day (oh-la-la), decorating our first home, first dinner guests, first time attending a wedding after we were married (this is a really cool feeling by the way) etc.
3. We were just talking about this next one the other day. Love the fact that once your married the expectation is that you are always together. On the other hand, when you are dating someone, your friends and family get annoyed if you are always together. Then, just like that, you put a ring on your finger, say some vows, and BA-BOOM. It is expected you are always with your significant other. Sort of a cool phenomena.

1. Josh tearing his finger tip off within our first year of marriage while at my grandmother's house and being on drugs for the next two months...he was sorta nuts, sorta in a lot of pain, and it was sorta/kinda/def the lowest of lows from the past year.
2. Josh falling and splitting his knee open while on a weekend getaway with our friends. You can read more about it here. Noticing an kind of trend? It may now make sense to you while some followers have referred to him in comments as the injury king.
3. Figuring out how married life is going to work...where you spend holidays, who does what household chores, etc, etc. Really this wasn't a low...more of a: we figured it out and now have a system that sorta works. On a side note I found out at Christmas this year that it is really strange the first time you sleep with your spouse in the your childhood bedroom in the bed you grew up in...just strange.

Altogether it has been a wonderful year. Marriage is amazing and I am beyond blessed. 
Love you babe! Here's to 99 more!

And because I know pictures make a post a lot more fun here's some pictures of the box Josh HANDMADE me for a past 'dating' anniversary gift. I love it and think its appropriate I use it to store old roses he gave me from when we were first dating. 

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  1. I did giggle a little at Josh's misfortunes. Hopefully, he heals quick. Thank you for sharing this at my Make it Pretty Monday party at The Dedicated House. Hope to see your prettiness again on Monday. And, Happy Anniversary! Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

  2. congrats on your first anniversary....and for having a barter king for a husband, lol. my first year had more lows than highs. my dad had a knee replacement and ended up having stroke upon stroke. i was by myself in the country, with my sister on her yearly visit to turkey, and my brother living in australia. it was a miserable summer, let me tell you. daddy ended up passing away just before thanksgiving that year. so in 8 months i was married, got daddy through his surgery, then rehab, then another surger, then his deaths....thank God i had mark. things happen for a reason, i'm just trying to figure that one out. oh, 2 weeks after our first anniversary, i lost my job....however, a few years later and all is well. we just got 10 years of misery out in the first 12 months. as for who does what job, i say whoever notices FIRST that it needs to get done, does it. however, that doesn't always work:) good luck and much happiness on the next 99.

  3. Thank you @marksgirl! So sorry to hear about the struggles of your first glad to hear it is all well now! Wishing you MANY, MANY more years of happiness!