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 If you follow my blog you know how much I love garage sales, thrift shops, etc. Anyway to find a treasure for next to nothing gets my heart pumping. Yeah, I know what you're thinking....but give me a break. it's the little things in life, right? 

So after a wonderful week of "staycation" where I took a week off of work and got to spend much needed time with some of my favorite people (including my blogger/bestest friend Holly) I was excited to hit up yard sales on both Friday and Saturday/something I never get to do since I usually work Monday-Friday. Disappointingly Friday was almost a bust and due to much needed sleep time Saturday morning (and cuddle time as my hubby didn't have to work) I got a late start so unfortunately no killer finds. However I am pretty pleased with what I got. 

Without further ado here's my finds of the weekend:

 "Home is Where the Heart Is" Key Holder: Free with purchase of stocking holders below
Originally from Pier One for $5.99 so I was excited. Not to mention I loved the butterflies.

Three golf balls for the hubs- 2 Nike and 1 Pinnacle but had to buy it due to the Bulldog: $0.10/each so $0.

America Basket with Handle to hold silver, napkins, etc. for outdoors at 4th of July: $1
Yankee Candle Snowman with Four Candles to give as a Christmas happy to a friend: $1
Apple Corer (both Josh and I were SUPER stoked about this one as we had both grown up with one): $1.50
Four Stocking Holders: $2 total (plus I got the free key holder I showed you above)
Bedside tray: $0.50
I was really excited to find this...Josh had made me breakfast in bed the Saturday before for my bday (new tradition) and was complaining that we didn't have one so I had already made plans to purchase one full price. $0.50 is a lot less than what full price would have been I'm sure
I just thought this was really cute...I'm a sucker for Halloween decor: $0.25
A "real" Dooney and Burke clutch: $1
SO excited about this pinata for an upcoming party: $1
Love this frame made with old barn wood: $0.50
(And no that's not a baby I know in the frame...but the baby is cute.)

That's all for the finds of the weekend. Like I said nothing big this weekend but I was still pretty excited. Did anyone else have any luck this weekend? I'd love to get jealous over hearing of your treasure finds. Please share.

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