As Promised: Details on Our First Anniversary

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Well... it's official. We have been married a year! And what a wonderful year it has been! As I promised here is the 411 on what we ended up doing to celebrate:

After much thought we decided to head to Chattanooga for the weekend. The hubs ended up working late Friday night so we couldn't leave until Saturday morning and had to come back home Sunday night so we wanted to go somewhere sometime nearby. We had talked about Savannah but decided 8+ hours round trip of driving for one night could be spent in better ways. We decided to stay in town Friday night and go see Batman. We went to the 9pm showtime since Josh worked to 8pm. Bad idea. I feel asleep within the first 40 mins....pathetic I know!  Never did I ever think I'd be so "old" to fall asleep in the movie theater....oh well...not the subject we are talking about here so we'll just ignore the fact I'm getting old and move on. 

Chattanooga was great! We stayed at the Fairfield Inn and Suites and got a package deal that included tickets to Rock City, Ruby Falls, and Incline Railway. So corny but so fun! It was great to just be able to get out of town and spend quality time together. We visited an amazing winery while there called The Georgia Winery (ironic I know since we were in Chattanooga but it was just over the GA line). I would highly recommended checking it out if you are ever in the area. They have some awesome and unique wines including a Pina Colada flavored wine. I also had my first ever wine slushy. A-Mazing (I have enclosed a picture below). The wine we ended up purchasing a bottle of however was called Georgia Peach. I really wish we would have bought more than one bottle...

We also really enjoyed sitting by the river front in downtown Chattanooga Sunday afternoon. We enjoyed an ice cream and watched a real life Gypsy wedding. It was insane. Here's a picture since I know you are all doubting me right now:

All in all it was the perfect weekend getaway. It's amazing how much love you can have for one person. 

Monday, our actual Anniversary day (yes I capitalized Anniversary because it seems significant to be and worthy of capitalization), we cooked a salmon dinner after work and popped open our Georgia Peach wine. We then spent the next few hours watching our wedding ceremony and reception DVD. It was the perfect start to a new tradition. I would HIGHLY encourage every married couple to re-watch their vows every anniversary. And, of course we did our choreographed wedding dance to our first dance song. It may have taken us a few tries to remember it all but we eventually got it. To spare my readers I won't elaborate on the rest of the weekend but will conclude with a few more pictures (please ignore our huge tube TV).

Oh and because I have the best parent's in the whole wide world we came home to this anniversary present at our front door. GO DAWGS.

Tip for my male readers: Don't forget to buy your wife an anniversary present!

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