Homemade Christmas Tree Hair Bows

By 6:40 PM

The other day I got to feeling "crafty." This is never good a sign. I had the somewhat clever idea that I could make Christmas Tree hair bows for little girls. I thought it would be inexpensive and easy to make. Wrong. It was much more expensive and much more difficult to make than I originally thought it would be. The good news? It's a week later and I finally finished four of them.

Now they are for sale. My first official store offering from "Married Filing Jointly." Get excited.

Hair bows are $6 each or two for $10. They are alligator clip size (about 3 inches). My hubs isn't very happy since it costs me a lot more in supplies than $6 a bow to make them but whatever...I had fun and I am pleased with how they turned out.
If you are interested in purchasing one shoot me an email at: marriedfilingjointly4ever@gmail.com
They really are cute!

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