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But seriously. He is. Wanna know why?

This past Friday was my birthday and I gotta wonderful husband went all out. I worked most of the day on birthday (which was also surprisingly wonderful...I'm truly blessed to be surrounding by such amazing co-workers, holler!) then took off a little early and was treated to the new Bourne movie by my sweet mom. 

I didn't get back until later in the evening on my birthday and when I walked in I instantly knew I was in for a treat (mind you he had already promised me we were going to be celebrating the following day by having a surprise mystery date and that I wasn't to make plans).  I opened the door to our house to hear soft, romantic music coming from our bedroom. The bedroom door was shut so, I of course, was beyond excited to see what was behind the doors.  I opened the doors to find this on my bed (prepare, yourself):

Apparently he had googled how to make these swans out of towels and had done, along with spreading rose petals all over our bed and bedroom floor (que the *awe*). He then went on to give my birthday present which included a very sweet card and some polarized RayBan sunglasses (sweet!). After taking me to dinner at the restaurant of my choice (of course I chose La Para Mexican Restaurant) I was sure the surprises had to be over for the night. Wrong. As I was laying in bed talking to a friend he brings me this:

In case you can't tell it's a gourmet Raspberry cake with vanilla icing. Winning!

The next morning (the much anticipated surprise mystery birthday date day) he awoke me with an amazing breakfast in bed. Be jealous (and ignore our make shift bed tray and my leg under the comforter).

After breakfast he told me to get dressed and get ready to go. A couple hours later we arrived at surprise mystery date destination #1:

In case you can't tell it was the Titantic Exhibit that I had been wanting to go to in Atlanta. After touring the exhibit, (which was great and I would highly recommend going to see if it comes to a city near you) we walked around Atlantic Station and enjoyed a concert in the park while sipping some lemonade and having some cotton candy. We then went and walked around Ikea (we apparently had some time to kill before hitting mystery spot #2). Ikea was a blast as usual and we even enjoyed a cinnamon role at the cafe'. I know. I know. Not the healthiest day but it WAS my birthday.

Before I knew it the time had come to get in the car to head to mystery stop #2:

Yup. It was the food truck park that I had been really wanting to go too. The sweetest part actually about the entire day was that all the mystery stops were places I had been telling Josh I wanted to go to over the last year or so. What a great memory. The food trucks were amazing. We both had some incredible food. Then it was time for the final mystery stop....

Screen on the Green to watch "Wallie" was our final destination. Ignore the nasty picture of was taken at MUCH too close a range but i am sporting my new RayBan's he gave me the night before. Watching the movie was a blast and I loved the fact that my sweet hubby was laughing louder the entire movie than any of the kids there.

The birthday weekend concluded on Sunday with a family celebration at my parent's house where my mom made me this cake complete with LOTS of candles...I'm old....I know.

All in all it was a WONDERFUL birthday.

What's the best birthday you've ever had? Sweetest thing your husband has ever done for you?

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