Mountain Weekend

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A few weekends ago Josh and I got to go visit some of our best friends who recently got married (whohoo Lee + Nikki). They live in the mountains on the top of an apple orchard. Seriously, yall'...this is their backyard:

I know. Gorgeous right?

The purpose of the weekend was to go Whitewater rafting on Sunday down the Ocoee since it is not to far from their house but we ended up going up Friday night and getting into a whole lot of other shenanigans and basically having way to much fun.

We started our Saturday morning right by getting a biscuit at the DQ. If you have ever been in Ellijay, GA then you know that this is not a normal Dairy Queen. It's THE place to be on a Saturday morning. After our biscuits we went out to their land to shoot some guns. This is when Lee and Josh continued their track record of injuries when they get together (you can read about Josh's injury when we were hanging out with them in January in this post)...Lee ended up getting stung twice (once in the eye and once in the back of the head) by a yellow jacket/bee. Problem is he is severally allergic. Poor guy. His face/eye swelled up to Hulk size. Luckily he is a trooper and didn't let it spoil our fun.

We continued on to the Apple Barn Nikki works at (below) for a delicious apple cider slushy and fried apple pie.

We spent the rest of our Saturday touring the gorgeous mountains. We even drove Lee's truck down a creek. Talk about awesome. Here's some pics of the scenery:

ADD we played in the creek as Josh and Nikki are proving in this pic:

We even got to hear coyotes from our window at night...scarry. Whitewater rafting was a success on Sunday and all four of us managed to stay in the raft although Lee's little brother did not.

All in all in what a wonderful weekend with wonderful friends.

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