Buying a Home is NOT Fun

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If you follow me on a regular basis you may have been wondering why I have not been posting very much lately. The answer? Well, I have a new job which is taking up a lot of time and brain power but the main reason...this house:

Do you remember when I posted a few weeks back about how we had gone under contract in this beautiful home? Well it is no longer so beautiful...unfortunately just a few days after writing that post my husband returned home from his Alaska fishing trip and we decided to stop by the home to look at it again together now that we were under contract. We opened the door to house completely ready to get excited about our future home but instead found this mess:

Just in case you can't tell enough from the pictures we opened the door to a completely flooded house. Apparently a pipe had burst in the wall and in the 24 hours the water had been on it had completely flood all the carpet in the house (living room and 2 bedrooms) and ruined ALL the hardwood. Obviously the wall needs to be redone because there is now water all up in the wall. Talk about a mess of a situation. That was 3 weeks ago.

Where do we stand now with the house you ask? First can I recommend all of my readers never buy a foreclosure. It is not worth it. I can vouch for that first hand. After 3 anguishing weeks of not hearing back from the bank about what repairs they were going to repair/not repair and finding out that they had started repairing the hardwood floors (without notifying us first) only to do the WORST hardwood job you have ever seen (they didn't pull up or lay down any new wood glue so the floors literally move when you step on them...I really wish I would have taken a picture of how bad the floors were so I could have posted it but I was too emotional to think of taking a picture). Anyway after all that mess we put in our notice to terminate the contract.

Conveniently the bank then got in touch with us and told us they had sent their inspector out to the house to see the hardwood job and all the damage. You would have thought they would have already sent someone out to see the damage right? Anyway....they agreed the hardwood job was the worst job they had ever seen and were so upset that they locked the hardwood contractor out of the home even though his tools were still in there. They also agreed to make all needed repairs on the home and to do them to our satisfaction.

Since we are already out the money and it will not cost us anything else we decided to give them until October 10th to do so. I am very skeptical. Mainly I don't want to get my hopes up only to have them crushed again. Talk about an emotional roller coaster!

Josh, my wonderful husband, is actually meeting them at the house today to talk about the repairs and what exactly they are going to do. After that it is outside our control and we wait to see if the repairs are completed (and completed to our satisfaction) or not and we back out.

Moral of this story?
1. Buying a home is not fun.
2. Don't deal with foreclosures.

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  1. It's sort of like having a baby-once it's here, you forget the pain, and all is well :)

    I've bought and sold a few now-the banks always muck it up, foreclosure or not, and it's a huge waiting game.

    We are selling ours now, and that side isn't fun either, LOL.

    Hang in there-it's a pretty house, and will be SO worth it to call it yours :)

  2. I think it is a interesting and great home and so beautiful until I see those damages. Hope they can fix all those thing so that you can live in there nicely. :)

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