Happy Halloween

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Happy Halloween Everyone!

Every year finding a costume to dress up in for Halloween always starts off as a dreaded daunting task for me but ends up being one of the highlights of the Holiday once I finally decided on a costume.

This year was particularly tricky since 99.9% of everything we own is packed in some box, somewhere as we prepare to move. So at 5pm Friday night before our 9pm Halloween party we still had no idea what we were going to dress as. Then we found Josh's construction engineering supplies in his truck and voila!

Meet Mr. and Mrs. Bob the Builder!

Sorry it's blurry. And please excuse our messy room. Again we are in the process of moving.

 Here is another not so great picture from the Halloween Party photo booth ( but you get the idea)

And because I can't let you miss some other great costumes we have:
Taylor Swift (pair was all Taylor past loves), Circus girl, lawless lady

Then the best thing ever happened. Saturday as we were packing prior to our Saturday night Halloween party we ran across my box of old social costumes from my college days. And so meet Biker Couple. Prepare yourself.

 I know right. Scary, right? Tattoos, mullets, and all. My friends exact response was she doesn't have to wear cute Halloween costumes anymore. She's married. Sorry babe...

On that note I'd love to hear what you were for Halloween this year. I need creative ideas for next year! Please share and have a nightmare-ish Halloween!

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