House Buying Madness Continues (update 2)

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Sorry it has been a while since I have posted. Life has been crazy with everything going on in trying to purchase this dadgome house.

The quick update on the house? I believe when I last ended the house drama story in a previous post we had found the house had been flooded. The bank did come out and look at the mess and hired a contractor to replace the hardwoods. Well...unfortunately the contractor did the world's worst job repairing the floors. Seriously. The floors didn't lay evenly and he did not pull up the old wood glue or add new wood glue so you would step on a board and it would pop up. 

Fortunately, the bank did end up coming back and having another contractor come out and retake up the floors and replace them with gorgeous nice hardwoods and higher grade carpets. They also replaced the baseboards and repaired the wall that was effected with the water damage. Here's some pictures of them laying the new hardwoods and carpet (which we got to pick out and is much nicer than the original flooring to the house):

Our lender required a mold inspection to be done since the house had gotten wet from the leak and the bank agreed to have the test done while the walls were torn apart (and pay for it). However, two weeks later (the last possible date for our lender to get the results of the mold test and allow us to close in time), the bank/selling agent/and bank rep all went MIA. They refused to return our calls or provide us with the mold test. Several days later the selling agent finally got in touch with us and told us that the bank was refusing to share the results of the test with our lender. Closing was again pushed back and we were forced to decide whether to terminate the contract or to expedite a mold test done ourselves which would cost us a small fortune and more time. We took the risk of knowing if mold was found we were out of luck. Luckily we got the results back a few days later and there was no mold.

In the meantime the HVAC started leaking in the ceiling and we went in and repaired that. Just a fun side note.

After getting the mold results back closing was pushed to the day before Halloween and it looked like nothing else could go wrong...Then Friday afternoon 4pm happened (less than two days before closing)...

That's when we got the call there was a lien on the house. Apparently the bank had refused to pay the first contractor who had replaced the hardwoods and done the awful job so he has taken a lien out on the house. The bank and our attorney had known about this for two weeks but no one told us, the buyers....we are not very happy! Apparently where we lie now is that the bank and the contractor have settled on an agreement. The contractor has to sign a sheet and the bank has to take it to the court and the lien will be lifted. As long as this all happens prior to 4pm today we will close tomorrow. What a mess.

Thoughts/prayers/good vibes are welcomed!

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  1. Wow, What an ordeal! Hang in there and hopefully you will be in your new home soon.

  2. That sounds terrible, it makes me never want to own a house haha. Newest follower here by the way :)

    P.S. I’m doing a $50 Shabby Apple giveaway on my blog. You should check it out here:

    1. Thanks, Melanie. The good news is we closed Monday and got moved in and it all ended up being totally worth it. :)

      Love the name of your blog by the way.

  3. That flood problem happened to the house next door to us when it was foreclosed. The people moved out and the bank took it over but no one came out to the house to turn off the water or make sure the electricity was on. This was in winter and so with the electricity turned off (because no one was paying for it) the pipes froze and the basement sump pump stopped working. When the cold snap passed, the pipes thawed and they were all burst and water went everywhere. We looked in the windows and all of the hardwood floors had buckled, plaster was down from the ceilings, and people who went in said that the basement was full of water, mold and mildew. Banks really aren't very smart with this foreclosure business. They finally got everything repaired and our wonderful new neighbors got an incredible deal on a great house, but my gosh, I'd never take a chance with all of that mold/mildew if it had been me! Buyer beware if you are looking to buy a foreclosure especially in a cold weather climate.

    Anyway I'm glad you and your husband were able to finally close on the house, it is quite lovely.