DIY Kitchen Table

By 8:49 PM

So my husband is awesome. He has serious talent when it comes to wood working skills. Our kitchen table from our old house wouldn't fit as our kitchen table for our new house so we made it our dinning room table. That was all dandy (yes I just used the word dandy in a sentence) except for that we did not have a kitchen table.

The hubs response? No problem. I'll make one. Oh, ok. No problem.

So what did he do? Spent the next two days making a table. And of course I love it! The best part? It only cost $50 to make the table! It's super sturdy and super cool looking. He is working on the bar stools for the table now and I'll be sure to post those when they are done. 

In the meantime here's our new table in our new home:

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  1. I am LOVING this table. How did he do it?

  2. Great project. Perfect size and height. I'm doing a refinish to a side table with similar wood toned top and painted base. What stain did you use?
    I posted "dolled up" to the Dedicated House party. Following you now. Follow me too at Share a facebook like if you have time:)

  3. Does he have plans for this table? Measurements? It is beautiful and I would love to replicate it!

    1. Thank you, Megan. Unfortunately no I do not. My husband made it and did not write down measurements as he created it. Lesson learned. For future projects I will make sure he does :)

  4. Do you have a picture of how it looks underneath? We could make our own measurements from there. 😇💕