Surprise Your Spouse: Break the Routine

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 Most of our life is is the same day in and day out. I believe that is why when we are surprised like Lucy in the picture above, we get such a lift to our spirit. And believe it or not surprises are extremely important in marriage. If we’re not careful to mix it up every now and then our marriages can and will become routine, predictable, and boring.
 Surprises, by their very nature, are not surprises if they happen all the time but every now and then it will change your marriage if you plan a little surprise for your spouse.
Think about the last time you were truly surprised. For me it was my birthday surprise when my wonderful husband surprised me with a mystery date. A simple surprise is enough to put unpredictable excitement in your marriage. And believe it or not chances are your love for your spouse will grow if for no other reason than they took the time and effort to plan something unexpected for you.
Surprises keep us from being overwhelmed by the routines of life and also keep us from a routine marriage.
So why not surprise your spouse? Below are some ideas but I encourage you to all get creative and come up with your own.  
·    Do something you’ve never done before like add a note to their lunch
·    Plan a surprise weekend trip or unexpected meal out
·    Buy a special gift…it need not be expensive, just thoughtful
·    Pitch a tent in the backyard and spend a summer night under the stars
·   Rent a bicycle built for two and pack a picnic lunch.
·   Do something spontaneous, wild and crazy, unexpected, and memorable

·   Surprise your spouse with flowers for no reason 

What other ideas do you have?
Leave a comment and share your ideas!

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