Christmas Weekend Fun

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This weekend was crazy busy but a lot of fun for the Thompson household. We started the weekend off by attending a Tacky Christmas Sweater/White Elephant Party Friday night. It was a a lot of fun. We ended up with a new angel ornament and a bag of Reese's so it all ended well as far as White Elephants go.

But who knew Christmas sweaters would be so hard to find? We are having our own Tacky Christmas Sweater party this coming Saturday so we have been hunting the Goodwill for the past month in search of the perfect Christmas sweater. Surprising we have had very little luck. I was able to find a Christmas sweater vest (hot, right?) about a month ago but we haven't found a second sweater for my husband. Fortunately my husband was able to borrow a Christmas sweater last weekend but the loaner needed it back so he is still searching for one for Saturday. I know you are all dying to see us in our sweaters so without further we are:

Saturday we had a date day together and spent the day in Atlanta goofing off. We ate at Figo Pasta for lunch (which is amazing by the way) then headed to Lenox Mall for some window shopping. It was miserable. Not being with my husband. That was wonderful. What was awful was the masses and masses of people. It took us over 30 minutes just to find a parking spot! You couldn't even move in the mall because their were so many people. What a mess! We stayed just long enough to take a few pictures then we moved on.

Lenox Mall Santa and Pink Pig

Lenox Tree

We then moved on and met some friends for dinner and a movie. All in all it was a wonderful day with my love!

Sunday we finished up our weekend with a Christmas tree decorating party with my husband's cousins. The wonderful lady in the middle of the picture is named Lila and is my husband's grandmother.

Such a fun holiday weekend!

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  1. You guys have great pictures, and looks like you had a lot of fun. Your grandmother looks so happy :)
    Garrett @TheGrowingPatch