Torani Syrups Are a Must Have in Your Pantry

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Torani Syrup is a great embellishment to drinks and many other unique food possibilities like cookies. The syrups have been around since 1925 and there are over 120 flavors! It's one of the top syrups in coffeehouses and comes in regular and sugar free varieties.

This year I was given a chance to try out Torani's flavored syrups through SheSpeaks. I received a hazelnut and a sugar free vanilla flavoring.

Of course I used the sugar free vanilla to make delicious vanilla coke zeros. My absolute fav! The hazelnut was a little trickier to put to use but it tasted pretty good in my coffee. I'm not an avid coffee drinker but I occasionally drink it when I've had a late night the night before a early morning.

I began by brewing up some coffee in my K-cup machine at work. Once finished, I added cream and Torani's hazelnut syrup in my cup and stirred it all together. This was easy, simple, and most of all..delicious.

Torani's website has all kinds of recipes and a list of their many different flavors so be sure to check it out! Also, get yourself a $1 off coupon HERE and enjoy your own Torani's syrups!

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