My Top 5 Most Popular Posts for 2013

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Hey everybody! Can you believe it's already the end of 2013? Hard to believe to me. I feel like it was JUST July. Time really flies! I've been blogging for just over two years now but this last year was the first year I really started putting a lot of effort into my blog, bought my own domain, joined several blogging networks, completed lots of product and experience reviews, and began earning money (I made just over $1,000 profit). I would say it was a pretty successful blog year for me! 

I thought I'd write a post of the most popular posts I did this past year! I know for a lot of you these page views might not be anything, but for my itsy bitty me, I'm pretty proud! Without further ado here they are in order of least view to most views (all had over 500 pageviews)! 

5. Extraordinary Gifts: Baby Gift Idea (603)

4. Clean Your Pillows (634)

3. Reclaimed Pallet Wine Rack (713)

2. Garage Door Makeover (884)

1. Guest Post by Ashley: Children Get Older (1264)

If you are a loyal follower what was your favorite post I wrote about this year? I am trying to decide what to gear my blog to in 2014! 

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Newlywed Game {Holiday Edition}

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Newlywed Game {Holiday Edition}

I saw that one of the blog's I love to read, Designer in Teal, had completed "The Newlywed Game: Holiday Edition" and thought it would be fun to join in on the fun. 
You can view her answers here
Hubby's responses in Blue
My responses in Purple

1.  Which Christmas would your spouse say was the best that you had together as a couple?
Him: Last year cause it was the first Christmas in our new house.
Her: Last year and the year before (our first two married Christmas') :) Although I have enjoyed all 8 of our Christmases together so far!

(this was us last Christmas)

(this was the hubs with the tree we picked out last Christmas, 2012, for our at that time new home)

(here we are last year's annual tree decorating party at his grandmother's)

2.  What would your spouse say is the weirdest, or most unique tradition that your family does at Christmas?
Him: We don't have any weird traditions although he says we do like to "yack," 
Her: Only thing I can think of is my hubby's family opens gifts one at a time which I doesn't like cause I don't like the pressure of everyone watching it makes it awkward when the number of gits are the same

3.  It's Christmas Day... you are looking all around and you can't find your spouse.  Finally, you find them hiding in a closet, devouring which holiday treat??
Him: Divinity
Her: Um, probably Christmas cookies or a Christmas drink if you know what I mean ;)

4.  It's your spouse's turn to pick out a Christmas movie.  Naturally, they pick their favorite one.  Which is it??
Him: She'd either pick Four Christmas' or anything on Hallmark
Her: Hm...he has lots of favorites probably Elf or Four Christmas'

5.  If your spouse had it their way... when would they put up Christmas decorations?  Right after the turkey?  Last minute?  Not at all?
Him: Right after the turkey
Her: He wants to get the tree ASAP but delays the rest as much as possible simply because he doesn't like the work of putting up all the lights and decor 

6.  What does your spouse think is the best Christmas gift you ever gave them?
Him: A homemade jewelry box I made her (he made me this one year when we were dating and I did/do love it)
Her: Maybe this years :) There have been a lot of gifts exchanged over 8 years....I don't remember them all.

7.  Fa la la la laaaa, what is your spouse's go-to Christmas song?
Him: Baby It's Cold Outside 
Her: Baby It's Cold Outside or TranSiberian Orchestra (we love to sing this together while driving or getting ready, haha)

8.  On Christmas morning, what does your spouse wish is under the tree?
Him: Lots of things to unwrap. ( I promise I'm not materialistic...He's just saying that because I really like to unwrap much so that he is sweet and even wraps my cards)  :)
Her: He probably wishes a new truck could fit under the tree but I think he'll love what I got him

9.  What is one thing that your spouse absolutely has to do every year during the holidays?
Him: Look at Christmas lights
Her: watch lots of Christmas movies and eat Honey Baked Ham

10.  What was the coolest gift your spouse got at Christmas as a child?  (Hopefully they told you this at some point in your relationship... otherwise... this one will have to be a lucky guess!!)
Him: American Girl Dolls  (YES!)
Her: BMX Bike

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SoCoolKids Soap Review & Giveaway

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I had the privilege to get to sample some of SoCoolKids soaps recently and have since become a raving fan of this company! 

The founder of the company, Lauren, was influenced by a close up photo of her son while at the beach in 2012 to start the company SoCoolKids. Her thought was inspired by Covergirl's clean, natural images that drove their iconic marketing campaign to develop a skin and hair care product line geared to the unique needs and tastes of children that showcases them in their natural beauty. Her products help kids "live naturally, stay beautiful, and be cool!" 

I was sent the surf sand soap and the glycerin soaps in watermelon, orange, mango, and banana! I can not even begin to tell you how awesome these soaps smell! And maybe even better, they leave your skin feeling and smelling wonderful! 

SoCoolKids also sells all-American, all-cotton t-shirts and sweatshirts that provide a comfortable wear and ease of movement. I was sent the cutest, softest t-shirts made my Comfort Colors and American Apparel. I passed them on to a co-worker whose kids simply love them! 

The soaps are a great value at only $4.50 per soap and if you are looking for an even better deal check out the free shipping offer below!
OH and I love that these products are made in American! :)

You all lucky ducks have the chance to win a SoCoolKids sweat-jacket for the mom or dad winner (see Blake Michael from Disney's Dog with a Blog wearing one their Facebook page) and some soaps too!! Enter below to win! 
Disclosure: I received a free product in exchange for a honest review based on personal experience with this product. No monetary compensation was received or will be received between MFJ and the associated company with this product. 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Christmas Home Tour

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I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my home when it is decorated for Christmas! Every year I struggle with where to put decorations and wish I could remember where I put them all the last year so this year I thought it would be fun to do a post of my holiday Christmas decorations and take you all on a holiday tour of my home. Enjoy!

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The Biggest Announcement I've Ever Made

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Sorry if it seems like I have fallen off the face of the earth lately....However, I do have a good reason...I promise! If you follow me on Instagram than you got a sneak peak yesterday. If you don't then you should cause you'd already know my big news, ha, jk. Here you go!
That's right! Our little family is expanding! Baby T is due June 27th (I know the picture says July 1st but we took pictures a little pre-maturely and the doctor told us otherwise...and we didn't feel like retaking the photos :)). 

I am OVERJOYED to finally get to share our big news with the world! Hubby and I are thrilled and can't wait to meet our little one! I am not good at keeping secrets so 13 weeks of keeping the biggest secret of my life has been torture to me! 

We made our big announcement this week through a Christmas card we sent out. Stupid me (let's blame it on pregnancy brain) didn't take a photo of the card we sent out but the front said "May Your Days Be Merry & Bright" and you opened it up to find the picture above on the left side of the card and another picture of us holding stockings and a baby stocking on the right in front of a Christmas tree that said Love, with our names and baby T. 

We sent out the cards Monday so I was able to put the announcement on Facebook yesterday with the picture above and the two below:

I thought the bump ahead idea would be perfect since my husband and I are both in construction so I ordered the "Bump Ahead" sign shown above off of Ebay as soon as I found out we were expecting. We are absolutely thrilled for this new phase in our lives and I can't wait to begin blogging about it all! I feel like I have so much to write already! :)

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Fantastic Deal on Makeup Brushes

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Holy cow you guys! This is an offer that is too good to be true and I just had to share with my readers. If you are looking for some quality makeup brushes this is an offer you might not want to pass up!

The Ellore Femme 24 Piece Professional Makeup Brush Set with Travel Case provides you with specific tools that cover a wide range of areas! From eyes to lips to foreheads and boast a luxurious blend of soft animal hair and synthetic bristles. The slim brushes stay neatly lined within a fold-up PVC case.

24 professional makeup brushes
Designed for foundation, blush, eye shadow, and more
Bristles made from natural animal hair and synthetic fibers
Fold-up leather case for easy transport
Dimensions: 9.85" (L) x 4.9" (W) x 1.9" (H)

Included Brushes

Bevel eyebrow/eyeliner brush
Concealer brush
Eyebrow and eyelash comb
Eyelash brush
Eye-shadow brush
Fine eyeliner brush
Foundation brush
Highlight brush
Large bevel contour brush
Large eye-shadow brush
Large powder brush
Lip brush
Medium bevel eyebrow/eye shadow
Medium bevel eye-shadow brush
Nose-shadow brush
One large fan-shaped extra-powder brush
Powder and blush brush
Small bevel eyebrow/eye shadow brush
Small fan-shaped extra-powder brush
Sponge eye-shadow brush
Two medium eye-shadow brushes
Two small eye-shadow brushes
Roll-up leather case

My Readers save $120 Off Ellore Femme 24 peice makeup brush set with promo code BL29
Regular Price: US $149.99

Blog Price: $29.99 with Promo Code: BL29

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Easy DIY Christmas Card Display

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I love receiving Christmas cards from friends and family at Christmas time! It makes me so happy to see everyone's pretty families. :)

This year I decided to display my Christmas cards on my kitchen cabinets. That way I can see everyone while I cook and spend time in the kitchen. It was really easy to do. All I did was tape with packing tape pretty Christmas ribbon I purchased at Michael's to my cabinet doors. I then use clothes pins to attach the cards as I receive them to my ribbon. Simple, yet lovely. 

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How We Spent an Evening as the Griswold Family

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Maybe my title made you wonder how my cute, classy (in our dreams ;)) little family could possibly be called the Griswolds? Well, if you had seen us Saturday night you def would have thought we were! :) 

This past weekend I had the opportunity to experience the Gift of Lights at the Atlanta Motor Speedway. They generously offered to let me come experience the lights and gave me a pass for a car. I thought it would be a fun holiday thing to do with the whole family so I invited everyone to come along. Only problem? We have all recently sold our large vehicles and the only ones we still own are only five seats. So we packed the hubby and I, my parents, brother, and grand-mom into the five seat car, started the Christmas music, and off we went! I was so bummed I couldn't get a picture of us all but honestly we didn't have room to breathe...much less pull out a camera! None the less we had a great time as a family and enjoyed looking at the lights! 

However, our hands down favorite part was getting to drive out the speedway! They had a section you could drive all the way up on and of course my hubby took advantage of that opportunity. I may or may not have been screaming but it was a blast none the less! Here are some pictures of our adventure:

If you are interested in having your own family adventure at the Gifts of Lights please check out this link and don't forget to print off the coupon in my previous post here

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Save on Holiday Baking with a M&M Coupon – Up to $2.50 Off – #BakingIdeas

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Want to impress your friends with your baking skills?  Bake a dessert that will be the highlight of every meal with M&M’s® chocolate candies!   Print out your coupon, buy some M&M’s® at Walmart, and pre-heat the oven, because whether you have an office or class party, or just want to treat your family, it’s time to get out the oven mitts and start baking! #BakingIdeas
Click the image above to print a coupon for up to $2.50 OFF M&Ms® to get started on your holiday baking!
Need ideas for what to bake? Bright Ideas has tons of great ideas including a really cute reindeer antler cookie using Milk Chocolate M&M’s! Make sure to take a look at the website for some inspiration for your own holiday baking!
Disclosure: I am a member of the Collective Bias® Social Fabric® Community. This shop has been compensated as part of a social shopper insights study for Collective Bias and its client.

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DIY Instagram Photo Display Board

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I hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving! I had a great one! I took a vacation day Friday and let me tell's amazing what you can get done when you have a four day weekend instead of two day weekend. If only every week could be like that! :)

I decided in addition to eating a lot, decorating my house for Christmas, watching lots of great football games Saturday, and doing some shopping, that this weekend would be a great time to complete some projects that I have been meaning to do the last several months. 

I thought I would share with you all the first project I completed this week. 
A DIY Instagram Photo Display Board I hung in my hallway. 

I actually came up with this idea all by myself! Which honestly makes myself even more pleased with the final product. I wanted a way to be able to display some of my instagram pictures and thought this would be a great way to do.

For this project I purchased an old cabinet door at a yard sale early fall. I then went online to Printer Pix and ordered some instagram pictures. I took the cabinet and sanded it and painted it with three coats of paint I picked out at Home Depot to match my living room/entry hall. After painting the cabinet itself it was time for my least favorite part...decoupaging the clothespins. To do this I picked out a tissue paper I liked at the party store and ripped the tissue paper into tiny pieces. I used Modge Podge to glue the tissue paper on the clothes pins and then wood glued the clothes pins once they had dried to the cabinet. Finally, I picked out a a drawer pull from Home Depot and screwed it on to have the glass finish. Last step was to put up my pictures and hang the cabinet. I love it! What do you guys think?

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