Garage Door Makeover

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We are slowly but surely trying to renovate our new home we purchased back in November. Weekends that we are actually in town (which is not very often) are really the only time we have to knock out a project or two since we both work full-time. This weekend we were in town but we kept our nephews (ages 3 and 1.5) for the weekend so our only time to knock out a project was during nap time. 

We had an hour and half so we decided to tackle the garage door. Here's the before. BORING!

So I made some tea and supervised as my wonderful husband fancified our garage door. An hour later we had the finished product: 

I am pleased. The best part? It only cost $10. We purchased the below kit at Home Depot for around ten bucks and then you just install it by screwing on the various metals. Instant curb appeal! Here's a picture of what the kit you can purchase at Home Depot looks like:

For only an hour of time and for only $10 I am pleased. Only problem is now I want to replace the lanterns on either side of the garage. I swear working on the house is a domino effect!

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Mountain Weekend

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I love long weekends! And as much as I love my job I really love days off of work!

This past weekend we took advantage of the fact that I had Monday off for MLK day and took a long weekend trip to the mountains. It was wonderful!

If you have been following me the past year you know that our family's cherished lake house was taken in the tornado that came through spring before last. We have just finally got the cabin rebuilt and decided to take advantage of that and spent some much needed R&R time in the mountains over the long weekend. The below is a picture I took from our cabin window. You can tell a bunch of trees are still down from the tornado.

We started the weekend off by visiting one of the most beautiful vineyards I've ever been to. It's called Tiger Mountain Vineyards and is in Tiger, GA. For just $5 you can taste all the wine you want. All their grapes are grown in Rabun County which is pretty neat and they have some delicious wines which have won more than 170 awards! I would highly encourage everyone to make a visit if you are ever in the area! There vineyards and tasting room are open year round. My two favorite wines were the Nortan and the Cabernet Franc. We purchased a bottle of the Nortan.

Below are some pictures from the Tiger winery. I am proud to say I took all these pictures. Simply gorgeous!

Below my husband and I are enjoying our wine at the Tiger Mountain Vineyards. Please excuse the Pilates pants...we were there for a mountain weekend and I didn't plan on taking pictures and Pilates pants are my guilty pleasure when I'm not working.

Saturday we visited Anna Ruby Falls near Helen, GA. This has got to be one of the prettiest waterfalls I have ever seen (and that's saying something because I've seen LOTS of waterfalls all over the country). 

These beautiful falls are located in the Chattahoochee National Forest and are readily accessible $3 a person. The water cascading over the drop offs is created by two creeks. The Curtis Creek falls drop 153 feet and the York Creek falls are a much shorter but still spectacular 50 feet. There is a 1/2 mile paved trail that leads from the parking lot to two viewing decks to see the falls. The 1/2 mile hike leads you by the creek to the top of the falls. It is a gorgeous walk. This would be an easily hike even for an elderly person or small child. Again this is a most see if you are ever in north GA. The below two pictures were taken on the hike to the falls.

Our next stop was the Habersham Winery in Helen, GA. I love Habersham Winery. Although it doesn't have quite the picturesque view the Tiger Mountain Winery has, the wine is less expensive and is free to taste. You get four small tasting samples for free at this winery. Warning: this winery is more "touristy" than the Tiger Mountain Winery but is still worth going! This winery has also won numerous awards for its wine!

The final unique stop of the long weekend was Baby Land General Hospital in Cleveland, GA. The new baby land hospital was recently relocated. I have to say if you ever had the chance to visit the old Baby Land General Hospital the new one was quite a disappointment. Although it looks bigger from the outside (and also a bit like an insane asylum) the inside was a disappointment compared to the old baby hospital. This hospital is much more of a gift shop and much less of an experience. However, they do still feature births from Mother Cabbage every hour and do still have a nursery. You just have to get by the fact that "hickery dickery dock" is blaring through the speakers. That being said when I have a daughter some day I will still take her here. Admission is free so that's a plus!

All in all it was a wonderful getaway weekend in the mountains with the love of my life! 

I hope you all had a wonderful MLK weekend!


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Palmolive Fresh Infusions

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I loved this Palmolive Fresh Infusions dish soap I got sent a few weeks ago to try! The colors were beautiful and the products smelled great! They also had a great cleaning power!

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I want to weigh what I told the DMV I weigh

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I found this graphic while browsing Pinterest this evening and it brought me a good laugh.

Disclaimer: this was not my own creativity

After sitting on my rear end for the past three days in all day meetings for work I really feel like I need to get up and move. If only it wasn't pouring raining outside... 

But really! What fitness activities do you incorporate into your week to ensure you are staying fit? 

I try to make sure I'm staying active by doing at least the following two things:
  1.  I work out with two other ladies two days a week with a personal trainer. Doing so helps to keep me accountable to pushing myself beyond my normal limits.
  2. The other way I love to incorporate fitness into my schedule is by attending a Zumba class 2-3 days a week. I love Zumba! It's so much fun to shake what your momma gave ya and burn calories while you're doing so! 
  3. The last thing I try to do when I can is go on long power walks with my hubby or a friend. This is a lot of fun because you get to catch up with a friend, get some excercise, and go on an adventure along the way!
With an upcoming cruise coming up for my entire company in February now is my crunch time to get and stay fit. What is your favorite way to make sure you are maintaining (or getting to the level) of the weight you told the DMV you weigh?

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Keeping Your Love Tank Full

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During our marriage counseling our minster talked an awful lot about the importance of keeping your spouse's love tank full. In case you haven't ever heard this analogy let me explain because it is something we refer to often in our marriage and I believe can help keep your marriage a wonderful bond between both partners.

Every individual has a need for love. Image with me for moment that this need for love is a tank similar to your gas tank. Every person who has ever walked the planet has a desire to be loved and be shown love. Although this desire for love may be fulfilled in different ways depending on your love language (for example one person's love language might be words of affirmation and another person's love language might be acts of kindness or physical affirmation). Many people have a variety of love languages but the take home point is that all have a need for a fulfillment of love and your goal as a spouse should be to keep your partner's love tank above half way full at all times. 

Let me clarify...similar to a tank of gas it is not always possible to fill the tank all the way up although you should strive to when you can. Keeping with the gasoline analogy sometimes you aren't near a gas station or are in a hurry. The other side of it is that you never want your gas tank to drop below a certain amount (half-way) because if your tank is running low you are more likely to get in a bad situation. For example what happens when you get suck in traffic or there is an emergency and you need to drive but run out of gas? Similarly as humans who have the desire and need for affection and love if your tank gets empty you search out that love in other ways. This is how affairs get started. Keep your partners love tank full and you will never have to worry about your partner not being faithful. I'm serious. This one simple truth could SAVE your marriage! Not only can thinking about it this way save your marriage but you have the power to make your marriage AMAZING by making it your purpose in life to have your partner's love tank so full that it is overflowing into reserve tanks. 

This is exactly what my husand and I try to do for each other every single day and I have to say this past weekend was a big mission accomplished for him on that note. If you follow me on Instagram or twitter then you already know how full my tank is from this past weekend. 

I walked in from work Friday night to find a clean house with a room full of light candles, 24 gorgeous red roses, a bottle of wine, a cheese platter for us to share, a movie, and one of the sweetest card he's ever given me. The best part? It was all for no reason! I was shocked, surprised, and overwhelmed with joy and thankfulness. When I asked him what it was all for he answered with, "just because I love you and I appreciate you and I don't show you that enough." Guys, my love tank shot straight to the roof. 

 My hope in sharing all this is that this resonates with some of you the way it has resonated with us. May you all set out with a life mission to over flow your spouse's love tank and have wonderful marriages! 


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Weekend Projects

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I love weekends because as a working wife Saturdays and Sundays are the only days of the week I have time to get anything done around the house. This past Sunday was a successful day as far as small projects around the house. 

After teaching 31 three year old's in Sunday school with my husband and grabbing some lunch we came home to tackle some projects around the house. The first? Finally hanging the sign that was used as a directional sign at our wedding. 


As you can see we pulled the sign painted by a friend of ours of the directional sign which has been in our garage since the wedding and hung it over our closet door in our bathroom. It's a great reminder of our wedding day and a cute addition to our bathroom.

The next thing we did was to hang the clock that was my great grandmother's. This clock always hung in my great grandmother's kitchen and for some reason it was one of the things from her house that I really wanted after she passed. It is a great reminder of my great grandparents and the wonderful legacy they left for me.

Finally I had the opportunity to play around some more with my awesome Christmas gift, the cricut. I love this thing! The more you play with it the better you get at it. This weekend I used it to create a vinyl monogram to use as a wedding card to attach to the wedding gift for a wedding I attend this weekend. It was perfect because I always worry about my card coming detached from my gift after I had many unpaired cards and gifts after my wedding. This is pretty much a nightmare for the bride. This vinyl letter card made the perfect solution to that problem.

I also used the cricut to add a monogram letter to the tray I got the bride and groom as a wedding gift. I thought it added a little bit of cuteness to the tray. Hopefully they like it!

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Get Free Breakfast at Subway

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I don't know about you but I love free food! If you live in North Carolina, South Carolina, or the Augusta, Georgia area you can get free Subway breakfast through an online breakfast reservation system. Please note there are two different websites to make a reservation, depending on where you live: – for consumers located in the Asheville and Charlotte areas in NC; South Carolina; and Augusta, Ga. and – for consumers located in Raleigh, Greensboro, Greenville, and Wilmington areas, NC.

Local SUBWAY® restaurants are taking online reservations to try any 3-inch flatbread sandwich from the breakfast menu and coffee for free at participating restaurants in the Upstate area. You can go to the above websites depending on your area and select a time and day to visit your  neighborhood SUBWAY® restaurant during the breakfast sandwich trial period of Jan. 28 - Feb. 2. The egg sandwich choices include Bacon, Egg and Cheese; Black Forest Ham, Egg and Cheese; and Steak, Egg and Cheese. An egg white option is available for all breakfast sandwiches. SUBWAY® restaurants participating in the free breakfast promotion are located in the Carolinas and Augusta, Ga. 

Unfortunately I do not live in an area that is offering this promotion but I highly encourage any of my readers who do live in one of these areas to go and let me know how the sandwich tastes. Take advantage of free food people! 


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Fashion Forward

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I do not know about you guys but for me one of the most dreaded parts of winter time is the loss of my summer tan and instead the ghostly color my legs turn. I still love to wear my dresses and skirts, especially to work, but there is no way I am going to show off my ghostly legs. The resolution to this problem for me is to wear leggings! Honestly I probably own 20 different pairs of leggings. Not only do they allow you to cover your ghostly legs but they add a whole new element to your fashion style.  For example the new No nonsense tights and leggings make it easy to add a pop of color to an outfit. Like a good lipstick a nice pair of colorful tights or leggings can be a great statement piece to fit your mood and style. My favorite part is that the tights are stylish yet practical.I’m all about convenience and buying your tights and leggings has now never been easier as No nonsense leggings and tights are now sold at food and drug stores as well as mass retail stores! Not only is it easier to purchase No nonsense leggings and tights but they are very affordable and you know I am all about affordable purchases!

Jill Martin is the Brand Ambassador and Style Expert for no Nonsense New Tights & Leggings. As the brand ambassador, Jill is featrued in a series of online vignettes that show women how to wear the latest trends that include colored tights and essential leggings. “I’ve always been a fan of No nonsense as they are a brand that is available to everyone, is easy to wear and even easier to find. I am really loving the new look of the brand and all the new products,” said Jill Martin. “It’s always exciting when an established company remakes itself and I’m happy to be a part of it. The new tights and leggings are on-trend and very high quality without breaking the bank. They’re just my type of product!”

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This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of No nonsense. All opinions are 100% mine. 

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Little People

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So I was sorting through documents on my computer and ran across some old pictures of the hubs and I when we were kiddos. So sweet. Made me wonder what our children will look like.

My curiosity was spiked so I did a little morphing via 

The results:

The first one is apparently what our daughter would look like and the second one is what our son would look like. My question? Why are they both blonde?

Gotta love my Saturday night entertainment. 

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Top 5 Posts of 2012

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Wow...2012 sure did fly by! But what a great year! 2013 you better come on strong if you want to beat 2012!
Highlights of the year:
  • Celebrated my first blogging anniversary in November of 2012
  • Bought my first home with my wonderful husband
  • Accepted a new job 
Thanks to all my wonderful followers for making it such a great year!  

Without further ado my top 5 posts of 2012 according to you are:

1. 10 Dates Under $10 

2. Rainy Day on the Big Day

 5. How to Make Your Wedding More Personal

Thanks again for making 2012 such a great year! I am looking forward to seeing what all 2013 will bring for the blog! 


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