Weekend Projects

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I love weekends because as a working wife Saturdays and Sundays are the only days of the week I have time to get anything done around the house. This past Sunday was a successful day as far as small projects around the house. 

After teaching 31 three year old's in Sunday school with my husband and grabbing some lunch we came home to tackle some projects around the house. The first? Finally hanging the sign that was used as a directional sign at our wedding. 


As you can see we pulled the sign painted by a friend of ours of the directional sign which has been in our garage since the wedding and hung it over our closet door in our bathroom. It's a great reminder of our wedding day and a cute addition to our bathroom.

The next thing we did was to hang the clock that was my great grandmother's. This clock always hung in my great grandmother's kitchen and for some reason it was one of the things from her house that I really wanted after she passed. It is a great reminder of my great grandparents and the wonderful legacy they left for me.

Finally I had the opportunity to play around some more with my awesome Christmas gift, the cricut. I love this thing! The more you play with it the better you get at it. This weekend I used it to create a vinyl monogram to use as a wedding card to attach to the wedding gift for a wedding I attend this weekend. It was perfect because I always worry about my card coming detached from my gift after I had many unpaired cards and gifts after my wedding. This is pretty much a nightmare for the bride. This vinyl letter card made the perfect solution to that problem.

I also used the cricut to add a monogram letter to the tray I got the bride and groom as a wedding gift. I thought it added a little bit of cuteness to the tray. Hopefully they like it!

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  1. Hi Chelsea! I love your blog :) Where did you get your vinyl from for your Cricut? I got one for Christmas and I just can't bring myself to pay $11 for one piece of vinyl!

    1. Hi Stephanie! Thank you! :) It's a lot of fun.

      I actually ordered my vinyl sheets from Amazon. I also got my Cricut for Christmas and didn't want to pay the crazy prices at Joanna's and Michael's so I looked at Amazon and they were $25 for 25 sheets. They came in an associated pack of colors which I liked as well.