Fancy & Sweet Boutique Review and Giveaway

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Fact #1: I love to shop! What girl doesn't? But I love to shop even more when I can do so from the comfort of my own home or in the airport while traveling on my Ipad. 

Fact #2: I love to have trendy, cute clothes that not everyone else already has. As much as I love Target's clothes I hate that feeling when I walk into a room in my new Target shirt and there is another girl there in the exact same shirt. Your stomach immediately drops and you get that wah wah feeling if you know what I mean...

These two reasons are why my new favorite store is Fancy & Sweet Boutique. If you are looking for cute, trendy, unique clothes at reasonable prices than you need to checkout Fancy & Sweet Boutique!

Fancy & Sweet Boutique is an online boutique that sells trendy clothes and accessories for women and children. They list their products on their Facebook page and you can place an order directly on their Facebook page. Shipping is always free which I love! The price you see is what you pay! They ship anywhere in the US!

You guys this boutique has seriously cute stuff and really great prices. I have been super impressed with everything I have ordered. The quality is great and I always get lots of compliments whenever I where a piece of clothing I got from this store. 

The founder of Fancy & Sweet Boutique started the store because she wanted a way to make money and still get to spend time with her son. She also loves fashion and loves to help others find cute clothes!

Want to see some of the items I have purchased from them? 

I bought this unique, stylish cardigan for $29

My most recent purchase was this shirt for $29 and I am obsessed with's even cuter in person than this picture

  I also bought this shirt for $'s super cute
Fancy & Sweet Boutique also offers super cute dresses, pants, jewelry, scarfs, and shoes!

Some of the products they currently have that are on my radar include the following:
Dress $30 includes belt
shirt $29 with free shipping

Word of advice from previous experience...if you see something you want comment right away. You snooze you loose on these items. They only order so many at once and once they are gone they are gone. And trust me...they go quick! I have missed out on several items I really wanted by taking to long to decide.
I have some awesome news...Fancy & Sweet Boutique is giving away two different items to two lucky readers! They are giving away the below scarf to one reader and the below pair of earrings to another reader.
 Enter to win via Rafflecopter below and be sure to like Fancy & Sweet Boutique on Facebook so you can stay update with their latest updates to the store. They get new stuff almost daily. 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

I received a credit to the store in exchange for writing a honest review about the store and the products. 

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China Cabinet DIY Transformation

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We just finished our Cinderella transformation on the china cabinet we picked up at an estate sale a few weeks ago. We had been wanting a china cabinet for quite some time as all of the china we got as wedding presents have been in our attic in the original boxes never used since we didn't have a china cabinet or way to store it. 

We had found a china cabinet at an antique store (for $500!) we planned to purchase the day before we bought the one we have now but it ended up raining the day we were supposed to pick it up so we weren't able to get it. Point of God. 
The very next day we were out hitting up some yard sales and just happened to find an estate sale that was out in the country that had not been advertised. Just when we thought there was nothing we wanted and everyone smelled like old people we were on our way out when we both made eye contact with this piece:

We looked at each other and both nodded. Although it was pretty beat up and had nasty knobs with stain all over them the piece had good bones and that's all we needed. They were asking $90 for it. We asked them to take $75 and tried to control our excitement when they said of course. (They obviously didn't see the potential!) I whipped out the checkbook as they went on telling us that it would probably clean up some if we dusted it and took some furniture polish to it. If they only knew our plans...

We wasted no time in getting started. A quick trip to Home Depot for stain, paint, and hardware and we were back home to start sanding, staining, and painting. 

Although the piece took a lot longer than we originally expected to complete (about three full days) we LOVE the outcome. It looks great in our house and we FINALLY have our china out of the attic and ready to use! 

Here is the finished result:

 And of course a shot a of the before and after:

Moral of the story? As long as a piece has good bones there is a whirl wind of potential. 

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My Three Day Detox

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Yes you read the title correctly. I just completed my first ever detox. Yes, it was only three days long but I accomplished what I set out to do and I'm proud of myself.
Why do a detox you might ask? Well, as you know if you read this post, I just got back from a four day cruise and if you have ever been on a cruise you know that after a four day cruise a way to detox your body is MUCH needed!
My husband and I have both determined to loose a little weight and eat a little healthier. We decided we would try to kick start our attempt at a healthier lifestyle but ridding our bodies of the toxins from all the delicious but unhealthy stuff still in our bodies so we landed on doing a three day detox. Why three days? Because, honestly, when I think "detox," I think torture. I picture myself literally fainting from my body not having enough enjoy. But I do like the idea of loosing a little weight and craving less sweets and junk food so I looked for the shortest detox I could possibly find.
We decided to attempt Jay Robb's "Fruit Flush" - a detox promising to purge my body of toxins, help me "regain peace of mind," and (the best part) "lose up to nine pounds in three days." Three days?! Nine pounds? I must admit I was a bit skeptical but I figured why not? I can do anything for three days, I thought, as I envisioned a nine pounds smaller me. And yum, I get to eat fruit. Let's do this thing!
The plan is also super basic. You only consume whole, fresh fruits and three potatoes total and lean protein shakes which together, Jay Robb claims, work to flush away accumulated toxins in the cells, excess fat, and toxic waste matter that have stagnated in the colon. Robb says fruit is nature's perfect cleansing food, as it is high in water content, fiber, slow-releasing sugars, and nutrients that help flush out toxins by way of urine and bowel movements. The entire three-day program supplies your body with vitamin C, cleanses the tissues and lymph system, rinses away excess sodium, and peps up your spirits, says Robb.

So we went shopping...

$58.34 later (man, eating healthy is expensive...and that was just three days) we had our cart loaded with a carton of Whey protein, a bunch of fruits, three avocados, and three potatoes.

Day 1: "Wait, I thought there was supposed to be fruit?"

On the detox menu: NO coffee, NO oatmeal, NO chicken, NO dinner with friends and sadly NO glass of red wine. Instead, four glasses of "Fat-Burning Protein Shake" (aka some whey protein) during the day and for din din, three cups of mixed greens topped with one tablespoon of olive oil and one baked potato topped with half of an avocado and  LOTS AND LOTS of water!

I gotta say I was HUNGRY. More like starving. By far this was the hardest day. I was like craving food and chugging water every few seconds. The protein shakes were nasty which didn't help. We went with strawberry which I would not recommend. I went to bed early just to combat the hunger.

Day 2: "Finally, fruit"

I woke up and had weighed myself. I had dropped 2.3 pounds in only one day's time! This brought me the encouragement I needed. Here we go day two. On the detox menu: Four servings of fresh fruit and the delish salad and baked potato combo for dinner.

The baked potato and avocado are more of a delight tonight than they were yesterday. The goodness was today was much easier than yesterday.

Day 3: "This really isn't so bad after all."

I woke up and had dropped .4 lbs. This was a bit of a motivation killer. But if you think I was now down 2.7 lbs I guess it's not that back. Plus it's the last day of this. Then I can eat real food again. I can do this! On the detox menu: Same as yesterday, yippie doodle dandy. Really day three wasn't sure bad. I wasn't nearly as hungry.

When I woke up day four and had accomplished my goal I was excited to find I had dropped a total of 3.9 pounds. No it's not nine pounds but it still is more than a pound a day. My husband, typical guy, dropped over six pounds.

My co-workers now refer to me as the fruit queen and even posted this picture to my desk:

I am very curious to see if I gain all the weight back now that I am eating again. Either way I was able to shrink my stomach which is a good thing and accomplished something that was challenging to me.

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Image a Place in the Middle of Me...

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Imagine a place in the middle of me where the world revolves around you! Sound familiar? 
I'm pretty sure you have all seen the Royal Carribean commercial for the Allure of the Seas cruise ship. I just got back from a charter cruise on that very ship. Yup, you heard me right. I said charter cruise. My company rented out the entire ship to take the company on a four day charter cruise on the biggest cruise ship that is currently on the market. 
It was wonderful! The ship was HUGE. And when I say huge I really mean HUGE. It featured an aqua theater, an ice skating rink, several theaters, LOTS of restaurants including a Starbucks, a Johnny Rockets, Mexican restaurant, Japanese steakhouse and more! 
Don't believe how massive this cruise ship is? Check out my pictures and notice the "baby" cruise ship parked next to the Allure of the Seas:

My favorite part of the cruise? The shows and the food! The shows were awesome....better than a show you would see for $200 a ticket in Vegas. The food was also incredible. Hands down favorite restaurant I ate at was Govanni's Italian restaurant. Simply divine.
My least favorite part?  The added charges on everything. It was very difficult to know what cost extra and what didn't. If you weren't careful you could be charged $10 for a Snickers bar or like me, $8.95 for a cup of water when it is free everywhere else on the ship. 
All in all though I would recommend this ship if you are looking for a cruise. We were on this ship the same week as the ship terror happening on the Carnival ship by the way....
And to leave you with a laugh here is a photo of me ziplining across the ship! 

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My New Blog Design

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I am so excited to post a guest post from one of my favorite blog author's, Melissa, from The Life of a Not So Ordinary Wife. As hopefully many of you noticed Melissa just redesigned my entire blog for me and I am THRILLED with the results! She did a fabulous job and is super easy and fun to work with! The best part was that she redesigned my entire blog in less than three days. Honestly, she had everything done but a few minor tweaks I requested within one afternoon. She really is amazing and if you are at all considering having your blog redesigned I would HIGHLY recommend using Melissa. Melissa also offers blog design help singularly such as just social media buttons. Even better news? Melissa is offering all my readers a 25% discount using the below code in her post. So, without further ado, here's Melissa:
Hello Everyone!

I am Melissa from The Life of a Not So Ordinary Wife and I am so exited to be guest posting today.
I have had some really exciting things happening lately and I can't wait to share it with the world, well at least the blogging world!
I have over 10 years experience with graphic and web design and do it for a living, so when I started designing some blog layouts for myself and some friends it came really natural for me and was actually super fun! I have been doing some designs under the radar for the past year and thought maybe it was time I made a small business out of it! What's that? A Business that I LOVE? SIGN ME UP!
So... I am happy to introduce to you...

Not So Ordinary Designs is a place where YOU and I can come together as a team and create something FABULOUS!! 

I will work with you to design an amazing fully custom layout, 
social media backgrounds, shop banners and so much more!
Click here to check out my portfolio, packages and prices.
Use the promocode 25OFF to get 25% off any package.

I would love to know what all my readers think of my new design and blog! Leave me a comment and let me know your thoughts. :)

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The 5 Apps Every Girl Needs

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Hello World! I hope you all had a fun weekend!

The weekend was spent for us celebrating my grandmothers and brother-in-law's birthdays and of course watching the Superbowl Sunday!

This week I thought it would be fun to write a post about some of my favorite apps. I am a HUGE fan of my Iphone and use it basically 24/7. In fact I have been known to run my battery down multiple times in one day due to excessive use.

Of course I love Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook all of which you should follow me on! But since I'm sure you have all heard of those I am going to stick with apps you may not have heard here it favorite apps:

1. TV Guide
Not only does this app show you what's on TV and what channel it is on locally but it gives you the option to sort your watchlist by next new airing. It can also give you alerts 15 minutes before your show airs to reminder you to watch or, in my case, to set your DVR.
2. Shazam
This app allows you to identify music in as little as one second simply by holding your app up to the song that is playing. You can also preview a track or purchasing a track through this app.
3. InstaCollage
This is one of my most used apps. It is a photo editing app that allows you collage photos and edit them. You can then import your photos directly into Instagram or save it to your camera. Love, love this app!

4. FindIphone
If you don't have this app I highly encourage you to go download it right now! It allows you to hook up your family member's phones so you can track the phone. It gives a location update on where that phone is currently at. It was designed so that if your phone is ever stolen or lost you can find the location of your phone and even locked the phone down from your family member's account. Watch out this app does come close to the creeper factor. Before my husband got his Iphone my brother-in-law and I had linked accounts. We had to change that fast...not sure either of us wanted to know where the other was at all times.

5. Flipboard
This app allows you to view the news in a unique way. You can choose your news source from any news outlet like CNN, USA Today, etc. and also add any social network feeds you want such as facebook, twitter, etc. to create a magazine with flipable pages to read up on all the latest happenings. This is my go to app when waiting for an appointment.

BONUS: Tracktor
Tracktor allows you to take snapshots of a point in time of your Twitter accounts and gives you stats on how many tweets you posted, who unfollowed, who followed you, etc. It's a great data source!

All of these applications are available on the iTunes store.  What are your "go to" apps? Please share in the comment section. I would love some good recommendations.

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