The 5 Apps Every Girl Needs

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Hello World! I hope you all had a fun weekend!

The weekend was spent for us celebrating my grandmothers and brother-in-law's birthdays and of course watching the Superbowl Sunday!

This week I thought it would be fun to write a post about some of my favorite apps. I am a HUGE fan of my Iphone and use it basically 24/7. In fact I have been known to run my battery down multiple times in one day due to excessive use.

Of course I love Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook all of which you should follow me on! But since I'm sure you have all heard of those I am going to stick with apps you may not have heard here it favorite apps:

1. TV Guide
Not only does this app show you what's on TV and what channel it is on locally but it gives you the option to sort your watchlist by next new airing. It can also give you alerts 15 minutes before your show airs to reminder you to watch or, in my case, to set your DVR.
2. Shazam
This app allows you to identify music in as little as one second simply by holding your app up to the song that is playing. You can also preview a track or purchasing a track through this app.
3. InstaCollage
This is one of my most used apps. It is a photo editing app that allows you collage photos and edit them. You can then import your photos directly into Instagram or save it to your camera. Love, love this app!

4. FindIphone
If you don't have this app I highly encourage you to go download it right now! It allows you to hook up your family member's phones so you can track the phone. It gives a location update on where that phone is currently at. It was designed so that if your phone is ever stolen or lost you can find the location of your phone and even locked the phone down from your family member's account. Watch out this app does come close to the creeper factor. Before my husband got his Iphone my brother-in-law and I had linked accounts. We had to change that fast...not sure either of us wanted to know where the other was at all times.

5. Flipboard
This app allows you to view the news in a unique way. You can choose your news source from any news outlet like CNN, USA Today, etc. and also add any social network feeds you want such as facebook, twitter, etc. to create a magazine with flipable pages to read up on all the latest happenings. This is my go to app when waiting for an appointment.

BONUS: Tracktor
Tracktor allows you to take snapshots of a point in time of your Twitter accounts and gives you stats on how many tweets you posted, who unfollowed, who followed you, etc. It's a great data source!

All of these applications are available on the iTunes store.  What are your "go to" apps? Please share in the comment section. I would love some good recommendations.

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