What to Do if you Get in a Car Accident

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So last Saturday I was pulling out of the grocery store when a truck started backing up. I thought to myself, "surely he isn't going to back into me." Panic stricken I laid on my horn but it was too late. The dude crunched into the side of my poor car. 

Thankfully the only thing or person hurt was my car. Both the other driver, other vehicle, and myself were fine. As the other driver told the police officer, "I just couldn't see her small car over my large truck." Scary, but ok. 

Getting in a car accident is one of the scariest things ever. And, if you're like me, and are trying not to cry, remembering what to do becomes almost impossible. 

Having just been hit and unsure of what to do I kept thinking to myself. I really wish I had notes on what to do in a situation like this...hints this post. 

We immediately pulled over and accessed the damage. The other driver admitted he was at fault and gave me his business card and had me take a picture of the insurance card. I was a bit shaken up and was trying to call the police via the local police department number I googled (for some reason I was thinking you weren't allowed to call 911 for an accident in which no one was hurt). He assured me police were not needed and that they couldn't do anything anyway since we were on private property and apulled into a parking space and went inside a store to get his hair cut. 

I sat in my car at a loss of what to do...The police department number wasn't answering so I called my insurance to see if they could tell me what to do. Here's what I learned:

1. ALWAYS call the police to get a police report even if it's on private property. (Turns out had I not have gotten a police report, the at fault driver's insurance would not have paid for the damage done to my car). 
2. It is OK to call 911 for an accident no matter the damage and even if the accident is on private property. 
3. If you are not at fault you will must likely want to file the report with the at fault driver's insurance and not your own. I have USAA and they said they could handle it for me but I would still be liable for my $1,00 deductible even thought I wasn't at fault.  
4. Call the at fault insurance to see where they want you to get an estimate. The bummer news is they will not pay for a car rental while your car is in the shop for an estimate so be ready for this.

Hopefully this article will help you (and me) if you are ever hit by another car.  

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