Baby Shower at Work

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So last week I put on a baby shower for a co-worker at work. She wanted it to be really informal and didn't want a big shower so I hosted a drop-in baby shower for her in a conference room on our floor.
Since it was a drop-in shower with both men and women I kept it very laid back and simply had cake and some decorations. I took up a donation for a group baby gift and had way to much fun shopping for her baby.
Without further ado here are some pictures from the shower:
I especially loved the cake. The blocks on the cake were actually pop up puppets with animals inside. Super cute! Believe it or not I got the cake at Publix.

And here is a picture of the gifts. We all went in and I purchased a high chair and a basket of goodies she had registered for. The picture of the high chair does not even begin to do it justice in how big it REALLY was. My sweet, poor husband wrapped the gift for me.  

And there you have it.

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