Easter Treats

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This year for Easter I was responsible for bringing dessert. After some Pinterest hunting and a little imagination I decided to make the following:

Bunny Cupcakes
Easter Truffle 

Both were very easy to make.

To make the Bunny Cupcakes you need:
a box of cake mix 
a container of icing 
chocolate chips
pink sprinkles 
bunny ears: you can print here
Simply follow the decorations on the box to make the cupcakes. Allow time to cool and then ice.   Print off the bunny ears, cut out, and tape a toothpick to the back of the ears. Then simply decorate the cupcakes by placing two chocolate chips for eyes, a pink sprinkle for a nose, and the placing the ears in the cupcake. Tad-A! 

To make the Truffle you need:
a container of whipped cream 
a bag of marshmallows 
a package of french vanilla pudding
a bag of milk chocolate chips 
a package of Oreos

To make the truffle crush up one row of Oreos (12 cookies). This will be your bottom layer. The next layer is going to be 2/3 of a bag of marshmallows. To get it gooey add 2/3 of a bag of marshmallows and a few drops of water in a microwavable bowl and microwave on high for one minute. Then stir and place in the truffle as your second layer. The third layer is your french vanilla pudding. Make according to box in a separate bowl and pour into truffle. Next crush up 2/3 of a bag of milk chocolate chips. This is your fourth layer. Finally, add a container of cool whip and top if off with sprinkles and a Cadburry egg! Wah-la! 

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  1. Chelsea, those cupcake are so dang cute! And using Oreos in the truffle...DELISH!

    1. Aw, thanks, Gloria! And the truffle was delicious! I ate wayyy to much of it. :)

  2. sometimes I wonder where we would be today without Pinterest...ha!! kidding but NOT kidding. cute bunnies - and that trifle sounds D-lish!