Happy Birthday to My Hubby

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So this past Sunday was my husband's birthday. Sunday was also the day we were supposed to return from the beach. Talk about a lot going on! Thankfully my wonderful mother had my husband's birthday celebration at her house on Sunday.

My mom always does holidays and birthdays huge...she sure knows how to make you feel special and Josh's birthday was no exception! 

 She did a cookout for him complete with the picnic theme and mason jars to drink tea out of! Super cute, right?

 The other great thing about parties at my mom's house is that there are always appetizers. For his birthday there were mozzarella sticks and fried green beans...yum, yum!

And he got to spend his birthday doing what he loves most...golfing!

We go all out for birthdays in our family. You get a birthday week instead of a birth-day. What do you guys do to make birthdays special in your family? I know some of my readers use a special birthday plate. I really like that idea as well! What else do you do to make a birthday special?

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  1. We go out to dinner, and the birthday person gets to choose the restaurant :) Happy Birthday!!!

    1. That's wonderful! We do that as well but it is usually the week of their birthday.

  2. Looks awesome!
    Happy Birthday!

    Andrew and Dennis @ Crafty Lumberjacks