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  Good afternoon everyone! I am so excited to introduce Emily to you! After reading Emily's blog I have fallen in love with her and her adorable family! Besides her adorable family, she writes a wonderful blog that thrives to encourage and inspire which is exactly what our world needs! Emily has three children...two on this earth and one who has gone to be with Jesus. She has written a beautiful post on her family's story that you must all read!

And since you're reading my blog....that means you understand my love for Jesus-
Emily shares that same love which is just one of the reasons why I know you'll love her blog!
I am lucky enough to have Emily guest post on my blog today so be sure to read her post below and then go say hey and check out her AMAZING blog and this adorable family:


I am so excited to be guest posting for Chelsea today! I started blogging a few years ago when Mark and I were just a newly married couple. ;) I had a few friends who had a blog and I really enjoyed reading them. I love scrap booking and enjoy journaling as well. After being a failthful reader for a while I decided to take the plunge and become a "blogger" as well. ;) 

I live a few hours from my family so when I first started this blog I called it "Just to Keep in Touch." It stayed this way for a while. As it grew and we welcomed children into our family I decided to change the name. I have printed the blog several times into books for us to have to sit and enjoy as a family and so I knew I needed something that had to do with my family when renaming the blog. That's where..."They Call Me Mama" came....I have a friend who helped change the URL (actually her hubby was SO GENEROUS and helped) and there you have it.."They Call Me Mama." 

When asked to write a guest post I wasn't sure what to write about...I decided to do a post full of randoms. Sounds fun huh!?!!?!? LOL! So without further adieu...

3 random facts about me-
1. I prefer a pool by the ocean more than actual sitting on the beach...not a sand girl. ;) 
2.  Over the past few months have I really grown to love people that are "REAL" more than people that strive to be someone they aren't. This has also changed my heart as well. (I have a post coming soon to my blog about this.) 
3. Growing up and even for the first few years of marriage I wanted LOTS of children. After having Wyatt and Sloane we have a peaceful heart when talking about how our family is complete. 

My favorite place to shop-
That is an easy one...even the 2 yr. old could tell you Mama's favorite place to shop is: 

My favorite place to eat-
My favorite place changes all the time but currently this is what I am lovin'. ;) Mark and I enjoy date nights here so it's always special when we get to go. 

You can follow Emily via these links:


Oh and because Emily's so cool, she's giving away a $10 Starbucks Gift Card! Woot Woot!

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