We Have New Life in Our Wreath

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Remember when I blogged about the awesome spring wreath I got last May from AliceMayDesigns Etsy store? Well, I currently have this wreath on my front door. Yesterday evening I was outside cleaning the pollen off our front door to get ready for company coming over when I noticed something in our wreath. 

If you look really closely at the above picture you will notice that the original fake wreath with two fake blue robin eggs has been pushed to beneath the wreath and there is a new real nest above the fake one hanging out the bottom. Upon further inspection here is what I found:

Inside the nest were four live baby birds! So sweet! So naturally what did I do? I texted all my guests immediately to tell them to come in through the garage or back down and not to use the front door so we didn't bother the sweet birds. 

When I went back out today to check I found that two of the babies had moved out of the nest and are now sitting on top of the nest.

I love spring time for many reasons but one of the reasons is because spring time brings new life. How can you not look at these sweet baby birds and just want to praise God for creating life?

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