California Dreamin'

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A couple weeks ago I had the opportunity to go to southern California for work. I took the opportunity of being in California to stay a couple extra days and sight-see and had a blast so I thought I'd share with you some of my travels in case you get the opportunity to do a trip to southern Cali. Because I have so many pictures I want to share I decided to break it up in two posts of what I love about California. So here are my travels in the order of how I visited them:

1. In-N-Out Burger
Of course I had to try out In-N-Out since it has such a fabulous reputation but I have to say (ew, I'm scared to admit this in writing as I am afraid I may wake up to my house being egged buttt)...I was a bit disappointed. It was greasy and not all that tasty in my opinion. But at least I can say I tried it out. 

2. Shopping
Boy does California have some of the best shopping or what? It seemed their were shopping malls everywhere and not the kind you find in GA in that they were all simply gorgeous! More of an experience than just shops. And I was pleasantly surprised to find the prices semi reasonable. I honestly expected them to be much higher since CA gets such a bad rep for high prices. I scored a cute tank for $5 and some jewelry for $8! 

3. The Weather
I have to say the weather was simply MAGNIFICENT! No humidity and 70s. This is pretty much what I expect Heaven to feel like! Love it!

4. Laguna Beach 
Laguna Beach was one of my favorite things I saw in southern California. It is simply gorgeous! It is landscaped to the tee and the beaches are gorgeous! There are lots of cute shops and restaurants (I only wish I would have had time to shop) and many cute surfers to watch. They get some huge waves so they really are a LOT of fun to watch. The other thing I found interesting is that the entire area is full of bunnies. They are super cute and very tame...very similar to squirrels in GA. Fair warning....the water is FREEZING. They wear wet suits year round and they have Great White Sharks so it might not be the best beach to play in the water but gorgeous for a picnic! 

5. Rainbow Factory 
You can visit the rainbow factory where all the rainbow flip flops are made and meet the guy who created them originally (he sits in the front of the store and pops popcorn for everyone)! I would really recommend this field trip as the flip flops are also discounted (about 15%). I bought a pair for $20 while there!

6. Authentic Mexican Food near San Diego
   If you happen to be anywhere near the Mexico border don't forget to get some Mexican food! I ate at this Mexican restaurant near San Diego that featured pork on a stick (in the above picture)...

Well that's all for tonight folks! Be sure to stay tuned for my travel highlights in Hollywood and on the WB Tour!  Can't wait to share with you what celeb I met! 

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  1. By any chance is the picture of the shopping center the outlets in Anaheim? If so, I was just there a couple weeks back. I'm from Northern California and always wait to do all my shopping when we visit Southern California. Glad you liked our state!
    Selene @ Restoration Beauty

    1. The shopping center I took a picture of was in Irvine, CA. But yes you have such a fun state, Selene. I loved it! :)

  2. Nice picture, I live for 1 1/2 in Southern CA in Mission Viejo Orange County My HB work for a Company in Irvine California is a beautiful state the weather Is the best I missing CA a lot I hope one day we move back to for ever!

    1. Irvine is actually where the other office to my company is located and where I spent much of my week! I loved Irvine!

  3. I spent two weeks at Stanford a couple years ago and loved it there! Thank you for sharing at Give Me The Goods!

    Dimples & Pig Tales

  4. I'm a native Californian and I love my state. We lived in San Diego for 12 years where the weather is about 78 degrees every day of the year and yes great Mexican food. We now live on the coast north of Los Angeles where the climate is a little cooler, but it means less people. We can walk on the beach in the early morning, even in summer, and see few people.

    I guess we take the shopping for granted and you must have gotten a bad burger because In 'n' Out rocks.

    1. Sounds wonderful! And yes I was thrilled with the shopping. And I must have gotten a bad burger because everyone always raves about In 'n' Out. :)

  5. I see you were at the Spectum. If you come again, go to Zov's in Tustin, Irvine, or Newport Beach for grownup food. We are kind of spoiled when it comes to the weather. We will tolerate June Gloom for a day or two, but after that we are indignant. :)

    1. Yes I loved the Spectum. I would love to try out Zov's! Next time for sure. Thanks for commenting!