Holland, MI: The City of Tulips

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Wow, has life been ever so busy lately! In the last month I have been to Holland, Michigan; Florida *twice*; all over southern Cali; been to our lake house in the north Georgia mountains *twice*; been working extremely hard on our backyard project; AND had a monster yard sale.  

The good news is I have a TON to write about. Get ready for some awesome, make you pee your pants it's so exciting/fun/funny posts. Starting with Holland.

I was actually in Holland for work travels to visit a vendor but just so happened to be there for the Tulip Festival. Never heard of it? Neither had I. Holland, MI is actually a miniature Holland except for it is Michigan. The city is full of wooden shoes and all things Dutch and is a lot of fun if you like the small town feel. 

Like I mentioned I just so happened to get lucky and be there during their annual Tulip Festival. Holland was literally full of hundreds of visitors from around the United States there to see the tulips and watch all the shows and festivals. I saw more tulips and touring guests in their 80's then I ever thought could possible exist. 

I stayed in the City Flats Hotel in downtown Holland, a hotel I would highly recommend. It is the first of it's kind hotel owned by Charter House Industries and made all its own furniture for the hotel in the city of Holland. It also just so happens to be the first hotel in the Midwest to be LEED Gold Certified. Some of the green features of the hotel include: cork flooring, low-VOC adhesives, naturally hypo-allergenic bamboo linens,CityDrÄ“m Mattresses, natural lighting, high-efficiency heating and cooling units, low-flow faucets and toilets, fluorescent lighting, Cradle-to-Cradle Certified recycled materials and low-VOC paint. My two favorite parts of the hotel?        1)  No two rooms in the hotel are the same 2) all the bathrooms have a built in speaker system so you can hear the TV or your music while you are in the shower/bathroom (I HAVE to get this installed in my own home)

Conclusion about Holland? If you are in your 80's (just kidding...anyone would have fun but just keep in mind you will see lots of Q-tips as I like to call them) and want a fun place to visit that is unlike anything you have ever seen...envision funnel cakes, cotton candy, wooden shoes, THOUSANDS of tulips, and awesome shops...Holland is your spot!

The highlight of Holland for me was actually visiting a local Spa while there. I had a two hour massage that was TO DIE FOR! It was called the relaxation massage and boy did it work! I've decided that I think massages are going to be to be added to my monthly budget. I've always said, "make relaxation and luxury a priority!" Time to start living that motto right?

This was actually a sign on the hotel front door...I told you I wasn't kidding about people wearing wooden shoes everywhere!

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  1. I live near grand rapids and not all that far from Holland. The Tulip Festival is a big deal around these parts. Glad you got to see it :)

    1. Denise, I had so much fun! And the tulips were beautiful!!!

  2. I live in Holland, and Tulip Time is the highlight of the year around here! So glad you got to enjoy it :)

    1. What a fun city to live in! I loved all the cute shops downtown! They had the cutest stuff in them and I met some of the nicest people!