Let me introduce you to...Greenopedia

By 8:56 PM

I want to let you all know about a new upcoming website called, Greenopedia. Greenopedia is an emerging resource for women with the goal to be your go-to website for tips and advice on sustainable living.  They focus on topics that are relevant to life such as home, baby, and food; and provide clear and concise answers to important lifestyle questions.

When reading through articles on the website I really liked the fact that the articles are short and to the point. I also discovered information I was not aware of. In the future I look forward to seeing more articles posted to the website in a wider range of topics on sustainability. 

Although there are only a few articles on the website right now I think Greenopedia could potentially be a great resource to learn about the sustainability topics that interest you most and how they support your lifestyle. Basically think of Greenopedia as the WebMD version of sustainability as they cover everything from how to reduce toxins in your life to decorating your home in a sustainable way. Their articles and videos break down complex concepts into quick, easy to read ideas that you can incorporate into your life. 
Greenopedia will soon be introducing brand profiles to provide readers with a quick snapshot of what brands are doing sustainably. These will help give you a glimpse behind the scenes and find brands whose practices and initiatives align with your values. This will allow you a way to review and compare information about brands. 

Two articles which I found especially interesting are:
The Best and Worst Fish to Eat
How to Make Your Crib Mattress Safer
I highly encourage you to check out the website and let me know what you think.

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