My Happy Place: On Lake Time

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It's summertime and that means I get to spend many of my weekends including this one at the place I love more than anywhere else in the whole wide world...Lake Burton!

The first time I ever visited my grandparent's lake house at Burton I was only a few days old and have grown up spending weekends and summers there as much as I can ever since! 

I mean you can see why I would love it right? Mountains and the lake? It doesn't get much better than that! And both of the above pictures were taken off our dock. Gorgeous, right? 

When you know the history to our lake house it makes it even better. I already mentioned that I was just days old the first time I visited the lake house but I didn't mention that my dad built the lake house while he was in high school dating my mom along with my grandfather (that has since passed) and my uncle. 

Then as you may remember from my post last year in April 2011 just a few months after my grandfather tragically and unexpectedly passed away the second most devastating thing happened to our family when our lake house was taken in the tornado along with our family photos and possessions we kept there. We were heartbroken and have spent much time and effort (and money) ever since working to rebuild our beloved cabin. 

The good news is it is finally completed (well, minus a dock but that project will begin this fall once the water is back down) and we are back in our lake house. We came back with a totally different design that was functional for our growing family and even though the trees and greenery aren't what they used to be when I sit out and look at the water the memories are still there! As you can see from this photo of my dad and sweet husband...(oh did I mention as part of our new addition we now have big, wrap around porches?)...

When I visit the lake I am in awe of God's presence and the beauty of His creation. His creation is simply AMAZING.

Here is the mountain right near our cabin we take hikes up often. I'm telling you...I'm not sure how you can not believe in a Creator when you see this in person....(this is the side of the mountain the tornado missed in case you were wondering). 

Here is our cabin...remember I already warned you there are no longer any trees on our side...if you read my post last year you might remember me talking about how crazy tornadoes are in their path of jumped across the lake and our house was the first to be hit on our side and then moved to the left in steady line. Because of this the trees across the lake to the left and even the house to our right were totally untouched. 

As you can see we have lots of work still to do in landscaping outside and decorating the inside but we love it! 

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  1. What a great post! Would love you to share it at our Ladies Only Blog Share Link Party which is a summer theme this week! Visiting from the Pin Junkie link party! :)

  2. Wonderful post for our Ladies Only Blog Share. My sister just moved onto a lake and it's the most wonderful place to visit. Just so peaceful and still at some times and rather loud and exciting at others! (it's a party town)

    1. Thank you, Tamara! It is very peaceful yet still loud and exciting. :)

  3. Looks like the perfect spot to take in the gorgeous view!

    1. It really is, Sharon. So relaxing! Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment. :)

  4. Nothing quite like summer on the lake!

  5. This is amazing and I can see why you are delighted with it. so so beautiful. Thanks for sharing and I'm so glad you have it restored! Linda